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  1. The Gull of bad luck craps on my chips again! Thanks for looking Kiwi. I really appreciate it. Dunc Authour of 'Battle on Hoth' for the ZX Spectrum 1983
  2. That would be fantastic KiwiArcader Dunc Although I just remembered that ther was an Australian version of Your Computer which might be what's distributed in New Zealand. I don't know. But I really appreciate any help. Dunc
  3. Hi All Well, maybe my title and description says it all. Back in '83 I sold a program to Your Computer magazine. It was a crappy program that was a Sinclair Spectrum rip-off of an Atari game. I still have the listing page from the July '83 issue, but I wish I still have the cover, which I did keep for many years. I have found a copy of the magazine front cover on another archive site, but it's not what I remember, which was pretty cool. An iconic image from Empire Strikes Back of imperial walkers. This was the thing that amazed me was how prominent my listing would command. Believe me, the actual program was not as exciting as the cover promised, but there you go...early days. But I can't find that cover. Or maybe dementure is setting in. I'm begging anyone with a July '83 issue of Your Computer to have a look and mail me what you see. My listing was on page 106 I think. Regards Duncan Kinnaird