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  1. Procedures For Magazine Scanning!

    There's two modes on the scanner that I have (Canon 4200F) - a magazine mode that applies a descreen filter I think (which must explain its slower speed) and a photo mode. After scanning half a magazine in magazine mode I swapped to photo mode as despite having a slight moire effect the colors were a LOT better. Colors were terrible in the magazine mode. Converting down from 300dpi to 150 dpi fixes the moire problem. So far I have been cutting the magazines up to scan them as it saves a lot of time although I'll keep wishing for a document feeder. :-)
  2. Procedures For Magazine Scanning!

    Thanks. That's the one I dropped my cash for. Its been really good.
  3. Procedures For Magazine Scanning!

    Well the HP has been returned to the shop after it left lines when using the ADF. It was pretty damn quick when scanning manually though. Can anyone recommend me a replacement that is speedy? I'm pretty sure it scanned a page in ~15 seconds at 300dpi. I'm trying to find out how long other scanners will take but most websites don't list speeds. I quite like the look of the small Canon ones that are barely bigger than the size of the page. All help appreciated guys.
  4. Procedures For Magazine Scanning!

    No probs. I'll scan the adverts as well. Out of interest what scanners are people using? I've got a HP 5590 which does a magazine page at 300dpi in 21 seconds. Its meant to have an ADF but that leaves giant green and red lines down the picture so I'm doing them one at a time. Does anyone know of a fast, cheap and good scanner that I could change this one for as it looks like it should go back to the shop. Scandarella.
  5. Procedures For Magazine Scanning!

    Are you guys scanning the adverts as well? I'm starting to scan one magazine and there are a lot of recruitment adverts in there that slow scanning each magazine down. Of course the game ads themselves are quite interesting. Scandarella.