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  1. Obama Or Mccain Or 3rd Party

    the lesser of the 3 evils should be voted for
  2. What Was Your First Video Game Magazine Subscription?

    never wanted to get tied down to a magazine that would be good for a few issues and crap for most of the subscription
  3. PS3 bluray player first, games machine second
  4. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    ice cold lager
  5. Wipeout HD One-Year Anniversary Impressions

    looks very nice
  6. Did GTA IV really deserve a 10/10? Perhaps 8.5?

    it definitely deserved a 9.8/10 ... only faults with it are the occasional dipping framerate, slow loading textures, occassional glitch here and there getting in and out of cars, no taxi missions that I know of
  7. Which Could You Live Without (coffee Or Chocolate)?

    chocolate easily
  8. Google Chrome

    seems like a good browser
  9. Favorite/most Played Game?

    gotta be GTA IV, revolutionary game
  10. Sega Master System

    i had this instead of a nes, space harrier, outrun, alex kidd, wonderboy, kung fu, pit pot.. great games
  11. What Did U Like Best About Super Metroid!

    the open exploration and amazing graphics
  12. What Was The First Mario Game You Beat?

    mario world snes
  13. Your Top 5 Dreamcast Games

    shenmue 1 shenmue 2 soul calibur crazy taxi f355
  14. Worst Game Ever!

    last battle on megadrive james bond jr on snes