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  1. the lesser of the 3 evils should be voted for
  2. never wanted to get tied down to a magazine that would be good for a few issues and crap for most of the subscription
  3. it definitely deserved a 9.8/10 ... only faults with it are the occasional dipping framerate, slow loading textures, occassional glitch here and there getting in and out of cars, no taxi missions that I know of
  4. i had this instead of a nes, space harrier, outrun, alex kidd, wonderboy, kung fu, pit pot.. great games
  5. shenmue 1 shenmue 2 soul calibur crazy taxi f355
  6. last battle on megadrive james bond jr on snes
  7. they don't make money anymore, consoles out-perform them graphically now too, and they were always overpriced to play the latest games anyway
  8. knight rider a team life on mars ashes to ashes
  9. I have this, it's got Final Fantasy 9 on the cover - it's in new condition too actually Let me know.
  10. Been looking around at a few ISPs and it looks as though there's no decent ones out there with an unmetered download service that is also an ADSL connection for £25 or less. Anyone had any better luck?
  11. Win Live Messenger does similar strange things with YouTube links - I don't think there's one messenger out there that doesn't bloat your system with crap or inconveniences you with simple functions of a messenger just not working.. like... trying to send a message and having "msg not sent" come up.. what a way to piss you off when you're trying to relax with a few beers chatting to someone you don't know, never will meet and who doesn't give a crap whether you're dead or alive at the end of the day. Awesome.
  12. this sounds like a weird archiving problem I've experienced where some files in a zip file will have problems being compressed by app Y.. but using winrar to recompress into zip will solve the problem and make all files within the archive accessible/readable by app Y... very strange
  13. The Wii's games are very shallow and boring thus far with very few exceptions.
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