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  1. The idea that someone might have patched another FF game crossed my mind, but I never really checked into it. They seem to have done an awesome job on that NES port, though. They even got the music right. It's not the SNES version that I have in my head, but I do respect their attention to detail.
  2. My favorite DOS games were Dark Forces and Scorched Earth. I don't really play them today, but I would if they were convenient to set up.
  3. What are your opinions on applying a little patroleum jelly (vasoline) with a q-tip after a thorough cleaning to a cartridge to help prevent reoxidization?
  4. For me, and this may change over time, but I consider "retro" games mostly 2D games starting with any classic arcade game like Pong or Pacman and probably ending during the SNES/Genesis days (MAYBE N64/PSX). After that, systems like the XBox, Gamecube, and PS2 I would consider "classic", maybe an exaggerated term, but doesn't feel quite as "old" as "retro" to me. The XB360, Wii, and PS3 are "previous generation", soon to become "classic", and whatever is on the market now is obviously "current generation", down-titled upon their release as when they were hype people referred to them as "nextgen" When it comes to computer gaming... it gets more complicated... I guess I consider anything Commodore or those old school Apple Macintoshes that you played Number Munchers and Oregon Trail on as retro, games pre Y2K for Windows a "classic", and anything newer as an older generation or current generation. But it gets really complicated. How would you describe an independent game like Xenonauts or Project Zomboid, which while developped recently, are designed in an old-school isometric fashion with graphics that are less than state-of-the-art?
  5. I know they're remaking Final Fantasy 7 for the PS4, but oddly enough I wouldn't mind seeing it remade as a SNES game (true to the PS1 version in gameplay, but SNES graphics like FF6).
  6. Virtual Console is nothing new, emulators have been around for years and have been perfected well beyond the limited capabilities of Virtual Console. It's just a way for Nintendo to charge you again for a game that you already owned years ago, and the selection isn't even that expansive. A lot of the better games aren't even available, but if you liked "Mario Bros." (not, not Super Mario Bros. which is a different and much superior game), you're in luck. Wii's greatest retro feature is the ability to play Gamecube games (Thank God, imagine playing VC with the "Craptassic Controller"). Other than that, it's cheaper just to go out to a used game shop, buy the old systems, and old games for a few bucks each, and have no limit on what games you can own, and if you get tired of them, you're not required to delete them, you can resell them and get your hard earned money back! O_O What a concept. I have a Wii, I actually like it even though it only has two or three games that I would be caught dead playing (no different from XBox or PS3, sorry fanboys). It's disappointing that third parties are too incompetent to make games at Nintendo's level of quality, and it's equally disappointing that Nintendo doesn't seem to notice that there's an Internet. Really, who wants to play Pokemon online when they could have made Metroid Prime 3 a direct competitor to Halo 3 just by giving it multi-player and hyping it up on TV. Oh well, flawless controls, Zelda-esque maps, complicated bosses. Still has excellent single-player, but it could have been much, much more then something that you pick up, play for twenty hours or less, then sell to a used games store.
  7. Isn't the genre kind of dead? It might be interesting if it has online play. Ahh, the frustrations of lag in a game of skill and randomly mashing buttons. ""
  8. Yeah, I read that on their forum when I went to download it. It seems a bit dodgy so I'll just be crossing that part out of my previous post...
  9. I was curious about that myself. Turns out, it's the jars of toenail clippings.
  10. That's cool. Haha, j/k. Wow, I forgot all about my earlier post. If I recall, I made it after witnessing some severe elitism on a forum that I've been a member of like forever, but rarely ever posted on. I think the plain-text in my signature was too big for a "regular", so when he complained, I made it all rainbow colored and the moderators made me delete it. Had it been anyone with a post-count higher than the moderator's IQ they would have surely let get by. (Notice that in the below screenshot that the guy who complained has a signature with "obnoxious colors"). I've witnessed their favoritism before under different, more severe circumstances (they allowed a regular to blatantly admit to and commit copyright infringement (ripping numerous sounds from a Star Wars DVD) without saying a word to him, which is strictly against their policies, yet when someone who doesn't post on their forum made a lesser infringement (ripping 1.9 seconds of voice from "The Matrix"), they picked it out with a fine-tooth comb and rejected his mod). If they freak out over slightly larger white text, I think they would have an aneurysm if I posted my 512 x 128 JPG signature... That forum's still around, and I bet it still sucks O_O Image hosted by Image Shack: So then I told my hacker friend about this incident, and he took offense and corrected them: Just kidding, that last one's a Photoshop edit. If Specific was actually offended by them, their forum wouldn't be there today. * Praise Specific *
  11. I remember seeing that one on Youtube! Type in "speedrun" and you get video tutorials on proper quickies.
  12. Unless there's some new federal law, I think the only stores that even enforce ESRB ratings in the US by ID'ing customers are Walmart and Toys R Us (if they're even still around). The rest are businesses just trying to profit off of what games are popular. Ratings are for incompetent parents who are unable to teach their children the difference between right, wrong, fiction, and nonfiction, and expect a third party to set guidelines to shield their children from the inevitable. Everyone (at least in my generation and up) watched Terminator when they were somewhere between 8 and 12. It's MPAA rating recommends 18+. The world is still a perfectly fine place today. If you think about that article, the ESRB changed their rating from suggesting only people 18 and above should play, to suggesting that only people 17 and above should, and that somehow caused some big fuss in the eyes of some no-name group. I would rather have my kids playing games that are deemed "too violent" by random groups and be able to try to use it to help enforce their understanding of right and wrong than have them try out crystal meth or join a cult/gang when they decide that they are "too cool for kiddy video games". Okay, that last example is a bit extreme, if my kids ever did that and survived, I would suffocate them to death with a plastic bag.
  13. Nesseight

    Isn't the real problem when using online sites the shipping costs?
  14. I usually use Azureus... but I don't like the direction that is headed in so ?torrent seems like a promising alternative. I'm looking for something else...