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  1. Game Boy Line To Be Discontinued?

    The Gameboy will always remain a legendary item and is probably one of the most world renown consoles ever. So many great games where on it, and it's where the Pokemon craze started It's a shame it's the end, but it won't be forgotten. You're idea about possibly downloading old Gameboy games to the DS via the Wii is pretty cool, although its a shame you wouldn't be able to save your progress in games or save it to the actual DS...unless Nintendo release some sort of official memory cart that could store Gameboy games and there saves on. Plus even though there is no Gameboy in the Virtual console, I don't think it's totally written out the possibility of it being added at a later date...only Nintendo know if it can be done. It'll be a wonder to think what the succesor to the DS will be, will it continue to be touch screen? (I think so) what will the graphics be like, what new features might it bring with it?... Only time will tell
  2. I'm A Wii Bit Confused.

    I read somewhere a while back that the Nintendo USB Wi-Fi Adapter will also work with the Revolution (as it was called back when I read it). I wouldn't take it as fact, but unless there are some sort of speed restrictions in place on the Nintendo USB wifi adapter then I don't see why not to be honest. I really hope Nintendo put in place some sort of system to stop people being an butt online and disconnecting if they're losing. I hate when people do that on Mario Kart and other games... There should be some sort of disconnection stat thing in place that locks out people who do that from playing people who don't do that. Sure some people with bad connections might get the short straw about it...but they shouldnt really be playing or can't be having much fun if they're playing on a crap or unstable connection.
  3. What Is Still Missing?

    Is there a torrent on google with the missing mags from the Big Torrent? I've just started downloading it and can't wait to get into it. I remember back when I was a kid back when the Nes was big I got a subscription for Nintendo Power as one of my birthday presents along with some Nes Games, I don't think it was published in the UK though, I think it was imported over, but either way I remember having a couple of those when I was a kid, and wish I still had them today. ...but as a lifelong fan of Nintendo reading through Nintendo Power from the start and onwards should be a quality trip down memory lane. I was reading about Nintendo Power on the Wiki and saw Issue 85 is the issue they introduced the N64, but that's not in the big torrent :S Also, I read about the 5 year wait thing for scanning Nintendo Power and respect that, but do you guys monthly release an issue from 5 years ago to the current month each month? I'm new here so I'd just like to get a jist of how that works, and if I can get hold of the mags missing from the big torrent. Thanks
  4. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Hey all, my name is Kev (most people call me Kermit) I'm 20, and I'm from England. I love all things Nintendo, and came across this place when I was looking through Nintendo torrents on the net. That's the basics of it...for me, see myspace.