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  1. Looking at the above makes me wish Retro Magazine wasn't so expensive. That magazine was put together so very well. I only have 3 issues of it though because of the price.
  2. This is a really cool idea to use Hyperspin to organize the magazines, this had to have taken some time to put together.
  3. Thor

    Crystal Pepsi

    Another one that I wish was still around was Pepsi Blue
  4. I'm just the opposite, I have very little time for video games. I used to be a hardcore gamer and I've now become a rarely plays video games but would love to play more. On top of having a career that does not give me much free time, what time I do have I'm either spending it with the family or messing around in my garage learning a new trade (carpentry).
  5. I'll tell you I used XP all the way through the Vista fiasco. When windows 7 came out I gave it some time before starting to use it and make sure it was not another vista. Quickly came to learn that it was really good! Windows 8 took me a little longer, but I was forced into it when I bought a new PC and after using Widows Shell I began to love it too. The stance I take on new software is to allow the bugs to be worked out before trying it out... never use a beta OS as your main OS. Once it's released wait until the first or second patch is released before you start using to make sure it's secure and stable. This is the same way I am with my iPhone... anyway it will be nice checking it out once it's stable.
  6. For new games I look mostly to Gamestop since I have a good rapport with the manager there. Older games I usually go either eBay or one of two different retro game stores in town.
  7. I wish Nintendo would still do the Catalog... well and Nintendo Power of course. But, I loved ordering things from that catalog.
  8. I had a metal fire truck that I would peddle around in.
  9. I was not sure if Neo-Geo could be considered obscure, but it was the first one to pop in to my mind as well. A system that has lived through the changing of many hands and outlasted the lifespan of most consoles, yet has a very small library of games compared to other consoles that lasted a much shorter amount of time. As a matter of fact last night I just Ultra Modded my AES. Out of all the systems over the years the Neo and the TG16.
  10. Hey! That's not fair!!!!! [bTW I like the new look to the forum and the new enhancements]
  11. Nintendo what were you thinking? You have plenty of room on the XL to add that 2nd analog stick. Darn you!!! I know I'm going to buy this thing and I'm not happy because now I'll also have to buy a redesigned analog attachment for the XL as well.
  12. If there was a like button on this forum your comment would have gotten it. I'm just upset that Nintendo didn't give the Mother series any love here in the US. I've had to resort to playing EB0 and EB3 on emulation. I've even bought a Reproduction cart of EB0 for my NES.
  13. Yup still have my TurboExpress as well... wish I still had my Nomad though.
  14. Here the the design that I'm kicking around when I finish shcool. I've not decided if I want to do a modern style like this or go back the the 90's style of a "Big Red" (Neo-Geo cab).
  15. Thor

    Sonic CD

    If you don't like the xbox controller you can always use the Street Fighter pads that look like the old Saturn controllers.
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