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  1. I recently bought a boxed Mattel Intellivision through Craigslist; lot's of fun! I'm in the process of building a "good" game collection; only two days ago I purchased Night Stalker and Snafu on eBay. Then of course I had to order a signed copy of Intellivision Lives, a new release for the DS; Signature by none other than Keith Robinson
  2. Nights into Dreams for the Sega Saturn has become somewhat of a classic. I still find myself playing it from time to time. XD So last year I was extremely hyped about the sequel on the Wii! I reserved it and ended up paying a good $70 for it. I put it in my Wii and was AMAZED!!! Two weeks later, it got boring :/ I still have yet to complete it, and I would rather play the original. So, what are your opinions on either of these two games? Which have you played the most, which do you still play, were you dissapointed with the sequel? (You can also mention the awesomeness that is Christmas NID)
  3. This game is indeed quite fun, yet some stages seem fairly frustrating at times. the small screen is a bit buggard, but overall I enjoy it much. Though the language barrier does get me stuck at times in the game. but i Will continue playing it until a US version is released. And due to the language barrier, the dreamcast version seems much better to me at this time, which btw I plan on completing this summer! the "data" part on the disc started peeling off a couple years ago :( hope i can at least complete it though! And I have yet to play the N64 version...someday
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