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  1. Egm Issue 57 (april 1994)

    Torrent is located here: http://www.mininova.org/tor/775032 Any seeds would be appreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  2. New Here - Have Lots To Offer

    Tim, Did anybody PM you with information? I know it can feel a little slow in here, at times. I just want to make sure somebody gave a recommendation. If not, I'll be glad to look into it.
  3. Wii At Launch Or As Holiday Gift?

    Holy SH*T! Well done!
  4. you're a rockstar MBJ! Thanks so much!
  5. Wii At Launch Or As Holiday Gift?

    Agreed. Spending cash on a video game system instead of the heating bill is a definite consideration. Prolly the tipping point for me to not buy on launch day. :( Time will tell.
  6. New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Hey I'm 22 and from North Carolina. Game Players magazine used to be a short 3 hour drive from my house, but I was too short to get a license when I was 10. I ended up never going, and then they moved office to CA with the rest of the gang. :( Now that I'm older, I don't feel a surprise visit to their office would be worth giving up my :cough: maturity :cough:.
  7. I've got this urge to pick up the Wii on day1, but I also love the nostalgic feeling I get when I think of any Christmas where I got a video game system (3do, Nomad). I have yet to decide. Are you guys going to be getting one at launch or will you be asking for one as a gift?
  8. Request For Egm #1-53

    Also... TheSSNintendo: did you end up scanning any copies/shipping them to sav2880? WarriorWarrior: That was really sweet of you to offer your collection. It's sad that the only public releases of EGM, right now, are the most recent ones. Retromags is doing a good deed. Keep it up.
  9. The Brain Workout: In praise of video games

    I'm sure if the Wii is as successful as we're all hoping it will be... More and more ppl will realize how beneficial it is to hand-eye coordination. (And how to beat hookers with bats, if GTA comes to Wii. )
  10. What Is Still Missing?

    Even though that post seems to hover towards the top, making it a sticky might not be a bad idea, anyway.
  11. Casino Problems

    Oh wow. Guess it's a problem for a lot of people.
  12. Newsbot Spam?

    True, but sometimes old stuff is what I've managed to overlook anyway.
  13. Where Are The More Recent Nintendo Powers?

    36 issues is a hefty load. But I'm glad he's done what he has, so far. Thanks for the update!
  14. Casino Problems

    Which browser are you using? (Sorry to hear you aren't as rich as you'd like... )
  15. Casino Problems

    What error, specifically, are you getting?