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  1. Changes To The 5 Year Rule!

    So, once PS2, XBox and Gamecube games/systems are no longer sold in stores, will they be considered retro? If you noticed, many of these sections are getting smaller and smaller in stores and being taken over by the next wave of systems such as Wii, XBox 360 and PS3. -Dawg
  2. Maybe this was discussed before, but I was over at Magweasel.com and downloading the covers to all the EGM and GamePro issues he has up (missing some still he claims are there though), and noticed something about GamePro. He noted it himself, and apparently, June 1996 it was labelled Issue #83, but then July 1996 it was labelled Issue #94! WTF?!! Why did GamePro skip ten issue numbers? Was this a major blooper on their part? (It wasn't unique to that issue either, every issue after went 95, 96, etc.) Was this to get closer to Issue #100 to sell a few more issues? Was there 10 other supplement issues forming an offshoot of GamePro, sort of like EGM did? Anyone? -Dawg
  3. This is more of a dream then anything, but does anyone else wish that the publishers of such mags as: EGM, GamePro, Nintendo Power, etc., would put out a COMPLETE collection of their game mags from Issue #1 to the current issue on a DVD set? There has been some done for other magazines in the past, which includes: Ironman, Spiderman, X-Men, Playboy (Complete ripoff though since they cost a $100 a year!), MAD Magazine, National Lampoon. Most of them are published by Graphic Imaging Technology Inc. (www.gitcorp.com) and cost around $40, which is a steal when you get 30 years of issues on one DVD-ROM! -Dawg
  4. Egm Issue Request?

    Hey! I don't know if this is the right place to do so or not, but I would like to request a particular issue of EGM. Even though it would be nice to get everyone, I know that will take time, but maybe if enough people request certain issues, they may get priority? Anyway, the issue is: EGM #64 Nov. '94 w/DOOM 32X on the cover. This issue clocks in as one of the largest with almost 400 pages! I had it and may still have it in a box somewhere, but unfortuately there was a time around six years ago when I cleaned house and had to throw out two boxes of retro mags!! Yikes! I know, I wish I had room AND I had the craving at the time to have saved them like I do now, but that's in the past and there is nothing I can do about it now. Thanks! -Dawg
  5. Nintendo Power Dvd Cover Preview:

    I can try and upload the full version to my own FTP server later. I may alter it slightly before then though. I can take Philly's advice and add the Retromags logo into it, maybe in the punch blast that Mario does? To get it to print correctly, in dvd dimension size, you need to set your paper size to print at like 7.2 x 10.6. (I don't remember the exact measurements, I can look later, but just do a Google search for dvd cover dimensions for the correct size- that is what I did!) TO PHILLY: If you are interested in hosting my video game site and maybe incorporate the Retromags logo, etc into it, let me know. I originally thought of Classic Gaming.com, but I heard some bad things about them. The only thing is though, if you want to make it a Wiki site, it would be great for anyone to add to obviously and to help out, but of course there would be those who will vandalise it. And, the format I am using isn't sit up like Wikis anyway, because I use forms and the like. I don't know, I want to get it live someday, even though I haven't got too far with it yet since I have been revising it for years. I hope to be at the point that I like what I have and get into the games more. Let me know! -Dawg
  6. Nintendo Power Dvd Cover Preview:

    I can do whatever you want, or at least give my best shot at it. I want to do dvd covers for EGM, GamePro, etc. I even made one up for Nes emulator/rom collection if one desires and it is modelled after the original Nes game pak boxes with the star background! I plan on doing others for Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, etc. I can hardly wait until you get all of the issues of such mags as EGM or GamePro, even though it may take awhile. (I use to have a lot of those issues, but I threw them out years ago because I didn't have room. Now I want them back!!) Oh well, at least digital copies do not take up much room. One thing I tried out was to change the file extension to the original rar files of Nintendo Power that I downloaded before to .CBR. This is a comic book reader extension and it works perfectly! I think it is better than PDF, because it is opened huge to begin with and you can scroll or flip through the pages. (They are still JPGs in the RAR renamed CBR file.) Couple of other things, I have been working on my own video-game database site for years now. It has never been online and has been through many format changes. I want to get all the info I can on every video game ever released in the U.S. (And have a page for other countries that differ.) This will hopefully also include computer and arcade titles. It is a massive project, but one that will hopefully have box scans, title screens, screenshots, codes, cheats, passwords, walk-throughs, game title info, etc. Also, check out issue 18, 1990 nov-dec of Nintendo Power with Dr. Mario on the cover in the back of the mag where it shows the winners of a previous contest. I am one of the third prize winners, Darrin Patterson of St.Louisville, OH! I got the Nester t-shirt they were giving away back then! Pretty cool and I still have the shirt! (Excellent condition!) Before I go, if we work on some things together as you mentioned, do I get FTP access? Thanks! BTW- If you didn't know, Graphic Imaging Technology Inc. (www.gitcorp.com), has released 53 years of MAD Magazine on one DVD and 40 years of Spider-Man. They have several others in the works as well. I thought that was pretty awesome in itself! Keep up the good work! -Dawg
  7. Here is what I made the other day and printed on Glossy Photo Paper. The only thing is, glossy of course is sticky and sticks to the plastic overlay of the dvd case. Maybe printing it on Matte Photo Paper would be better. This is just a small preview. If anybody wants the full version, let me know and maybe RetroMags can host it on their FTP server? I want to make several other covers of different mags as well, maybe even variations. -Dawg
  8. Mass Pruning Comming!

    Dang, I'm glad I logged in recently! -Dawg
  9. I have the issues of Nintendo Power on a couple of dvds from the previous torrent and just the other day I put together a dvd cover for my personal collection by taking the very first Nintendo Power and altering the text on the cover to state it had every issue, etc. Then I did a spine title and took the scan from the back cover of the mag with the games and printed it out on glossy photo paper. It looks very professional and I decided to do that with other works, such as the DC Horror Comics set out there, etc. Cool idea so that it isn't just a disc in a sleeve on the shelf, but an actually box with cover! -Dawg
  10. People Selling Retromags Scans!

    That is a bunch of crap! Not only because Nintendo and others can shut down a site like this, but because this jerk is making a profit off of someone else's hard work! -Dawg
  11. I found a problem with a couple of their issues though. 1) One mag cover isn't a cover at all, but a pencilled drawing of an ogre. 2) At least one magazine can't be downloaded, etc. It's been several weeks since I downloaded them, so I forget actually what. I wanted to email them and let them know so hopefully they could fix it, since the collection wouldn't be complete, but I can't find any way to do so! Why does companies do this?! I wanted to email GamePro and EGM and ask them about doing the same thing like CGW, but can't find anyway to contact them about it! -Dawg