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  1. I first joined because of the attack system, not for magazines. But, now the attack system is gone (and my interest in it has almost disappeared anyway). On my last visit I finally discovered the downloads. So I picked something, and found it was a filetype that I couldn't read. What a waste of time that was! Now I cannot even download anything more anyway! So, there really is no point coming here. Good bye and hopefully the site will do well. I'm outta here. And admins, please don't send mass mailings to my email. Thanks.
  2. I have to admit it's the only reason i came here. Ah well. Hmm, just noticed a different reason to stay here...
  3. I cannot see the attack system at all. Any of the links to it (such as AtkShop) take me to some portal. Is it still around? Help!
  4. I wish I could even see the attack system... :(
  5. Welcome to all new members. I'm an older member who doesn't visit much. And, seeing that the attack system has gone, I probably won't visit again...
  6. Robert

    Attack System Broken

    That's unfortunate, I wanted to upload my avatar! Anyway, I added a link so my problem is solved.
  7. Robert

    Attack System Broken

    Thanks for fixing the Attack System. I still can't upload an avatar, which I reported previously. It says: The upload failed. Please contact a member of staff to help rectify the problem
  8. Robert

    Attack System Broken

    Clicking on ibprobattle in a profile gives a php error. Clicking on AtkShop takes me to the portal page The stat bars are missing from under the avatar. So, I cannot attack anyone.
  9. Robert

    -1 New Messages

    Yes that worked. I sent myself a message and then it said I had 0 messages. After deleting it I still had 0 messages. Now I notice the smilies aren't working (at least the ones in this thread). Your "phone.gif" is just a red X and my colon-D just shows the letters, not the smilie. And my avatar is gone and it won't let me add it back. I get "The upload failed. Please contact a member of staff to help rectify the problem"
  10. Robert

    -1 New Messages

    -7 is awesome. I'm impressed. I do feel better.
  11. Robert

    -1 New Messages

    Back after an absence due to a hard drive crash. I notice at the top right of the page, it says I have "-1 New Messages". Any ideas?
  12. Now, the javascript things are working, My Friends works, the Edit button works, and all the buttons in my profile are working, and all the extra text in my profile is showing up now. As for the Premium Members thingy, look at Meppi's avatar (post just above this one), It says Retromags Regular, then under that is a red X where the Premium Members banner should be. Under that, it says "Group: Premium Members". I use IE6 because I find it is much faster and less resource-hungry than Firefox. And I find it easier to use.
  13. OK looks like it worked. I might as well report that the "My Friends" link at the top does nothing. Maybe because I have no friends? Since my Arcade post didn't get approved I can say that Centipede doesn't work. On further testing it's getting obvious that Javascript doesn't function at all. Clicking on "Edit" did not give me the options, it went straight to the full edit mode. The problem may be on this computer, but it works for other sites, so its a mystery. One more thing: if a new thread is waiting on the moderation queue, it appears on the front page. Clicking on it results in a board error message. edit again: more things 1. The first letter of each word in the thread title is capital although i didn't type it like that 2. The premium member blue? status bar does not exist.
  14. Now of all the posts I made in the last 24 hours, only 2 were approved. Maybe that's the trouble. And maybe it's the cause of the profile problem as well. Alright let's see what happens...
  15. Not sure if this is the right place, or if its already reported. Centipede says LOADING and doesn't ever start.