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  1. Some of the DVDs in my collection (store-bought TV series, a few movies, etc) are scratched and have marks on them. Most are hardly noticeable (except for when I hold them under a light and look waaaay more closely than a normal person would) but some are more deep. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good way to fix them? I have the gamestop disc scrach filling gel and the cloths, but the cloth scratches the disc, the gel doesnt work that great. Also, since most of the damages i see are minor, I know they probably won't play any less than perfect- but just so i can sleep better at night- is there a program of some sort that can read the whole disc and report back any errors? Like, since I'm able to run the disc through DVD Decrypter and it copies without errors- is that good indication that the disc will play 100%? anyone that can offer any help would be appreciated. thanks
  2. dstryr420

    Grandma's Boy

    perfect segue into my telling the famous 'karate monkey' joke... if it werent older than time itself...
  3. i find this hysterical... now the neighboring hotels' prices are going to drop!
  4. dstryr420

    Grandma's Boy

    any midgets in it?
  5. Anyone know why I get this? I burned a number of DVD-DL's using Nero 6 and a couple different drives and speeds, and every few discs randomly, not from the same hardware, gave me an error copying the information to my hdd. These discs are still pricey;( Any help? thanks!
  6. i saw it on yahoo or msn today at lunch;) not till 2008 tho hehe...
  7. i love the idea, but i dont know how appropriate it is for here, this being a mag site... I saw gamemanuals.net i think, but i didnt know the stuff there was so low-res. I have hundreds of games, and i might actually get rid of some, but id defintely be up for making an online collection of hi-res boxes, manuals, extras, posters, etc. when i get time.. something that'll preserve stuff as close to original quality as possible.
  8. the Zelda cartoons were released a while back, also... its sitting on my shelf now;)
  9. doesn't even look like the nintendo gear's the reason....
  10. Does anyone else have problems with the casino? Twice i played a poker game that was working fine, and now it wont cash out- I lost more than 1000 between the two nights... Once I clicked 'back' by mistake, and the casino knew i didnt clear out, offered to do so, but doesnt count my score.. just zeros it out... anyone know how to fix either of these? the second thing i know they warn you to cash out, but still, if it knows you didnt, why not store what you had also? and if the cash out button does nothing, or freezes a game... well wtf wit that? any ideas?