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  1. sure do would you like it i dont need it no more
  2. nope vince young is gonna shine this season him being on the cover isnt gonna curse him as it did the rest of everybody that has been on there
  3. whats that movie about and is it suppose to be any good or have you seen it
  4. nope sure dont if i did id let you know why dont you use an old pc and switch the fans out
  5. i have guitar hero 3 already its nice to know people
  6. what is heros is it a sitcom or a reality show i must know LOL
  7. I want to officially say yes I have a great job and I can play a lot of games, but if you look at my times I can beat them faster than most of you, I challenge anyone to compete. challenge me and I'll accept, I'll win but I'll accept. I'm cocky because I have over a hundred trophies
  8. I got rid of cable a long time ago, if anyone wants to know how to download all tv shows and/or movies that even just come in theaters let me know I can show you how to get all movies and shows free, I told MBJ and other moderators of this site that I have been hacking for along time, if you guys need to know how to get this stuf let me know by this forum mail
  9. lol the 4 or 5 wins i have lol i have 124 trophies so you do the math i def have more than 4 or 5 wins hell the 4 or 5 wins i took from you and the rest of the bums on this site lol
  10. ok well since i just beat those scores what others do you have for me to beat LMAO LMAO LOL LOL told you i will own any score you throw at me
  11. 24 judge judy judge joe brown prison break my name is earl
  12. and on that note why are you getting upset cause im good at video games its not hard to get these high scores on here its actually rather easy
  13. i havent really played either of those two but rest assure i will beat it when ever i want go beat my kaboom or my goldminer doubt that WILL ever happen and i wanna make that clear thanks
  14. well i have purchased a few probably about 10 in th elast 2 3 days cds are great lol