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  1. German Magazine Cover Disk Collection

    Thanks a lot! Downloading all your stuff now and will add it to the catalog when it's done in a few hours.
  2. German Magazine Cover Disk Collection

    Doing a bit of a necrothread here, but it's relevant. My website KultCDs.com features a searchable magazine CD catalog for quite some time now, that currently contains more than 3800 media. http://kultcds.com/Catalog/ It has a bunch of neat functionalities that make the search for old files pretty smooth You can search for descriptions: http://www.kultcds.com/Catalog/index.php?n=-2&like=&name=&ext=&o=sa&min=&max=&dir=&dn=&descr=warcraft$20III$20demo$20install Specific files: http://www.kultcds.com/Catalog/index.php?n=-2&ext=exe&min=58586610&max=58586610&o=da Far spread releases: http://www.kultcds.com/Catalog/index.php?n=-2&like=eq&name=s2&ext=exe&o=sa&min=&max=&dir=root&dn=&descr= Neatly grouped by size or by publishing date (which I call canonical date in a non-astronomic sense): http://www.kultcds.com/Catalog/index.php?n=-2&like=eq&name=s2&ext=exe&o=cdd&min=&max=&dir=root&dn=&descr= With old FTP servers and mailboxes closing down and archive.org lacking good search functions, this catalog is a pretty useful tool for everyone who wants to dig through the software data of the 90s.
  3. German Magazine Cover Disk Collection

    I couldn't find any information about this, so I simply ask in my thread: Can I upload mags from this site on my website?
  4. German Magazine Cover Disk Collection

    Sorry for bumping, but I've got some news. I ripped the website into a database and added a search function. There are also lots of magazines available. (I think I will reach ~500 this year, about 250 right now) KultCDs.com
  5. German Magazine Cover Disk Collection

    Thankies :3 Luckily, most of the CD covers are labeled with a list of the demos, videos, patches, etc., that can be found on them. So it's not too hard to find stuff ^_^ Oh and if you want to search for things, here is an index (that should cover most of the CDs) that can be opened with the trial version of "WhereIsIt?": http://www34.zippyshare.com/v/2486707/file.html *snuggles* Hallfiry
  6. German Magazine Cover Disk Collection

    Finally, I decided to create a website for magazine cover disks: http://kultcds.com/index.php?id=stat〈=en
  7. While collecting old magazines, I sometimes come across piles of covers disks. Now I finally decided to upload them. Currently 153 CDs are up, but I normally upload 5 CDs per day (and find ~10 CDs at the recycling yard every week). Updates can be found here: BetaArchive thread Cover Disks If someone wants to contribute CDs (from any country and magazine), simply write a PM.
  8. As you may know, Daggerfall had a very long development history. It was announced around Summer CES 1994 (maybe there?) and was scheduled for January 1995, but in the end it was released in late 1996. During the development there were several demos that were more or less released: Daggerfall Demo 0.? - 1995/??/?? Daggerfall Demo 0.1 - 1995/11/09 (Interactive Preview CD) Daggerfall demo 1.0.??? - 1996/07/10 Daggerfall Demo 1.0.179 - 1996/10/18 (Betony Demo) Daggerfall Demo 1.0.181 - 1996/11/19 (Standard Dungeon Demo) I've got the 0.1 demo and the 179 and 181 demos. The "1.0.???" wasn't released at all as far as I know. BUT the earliest demo was released. People who preordered the Limited Edition of Daggerfall got a Daggerfall demo sampler with that demo and there was one magazine that had the demo, too: PC Gamer UK - April 1996. If anybody happens to have that PC Gamer CD (or the demo sampler which is very unlikely) I'd be very thankful if he/she could upload it somewhere. Thanks in advance, Hallfiry