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  1. Why does the slow download on the link contain a exe instead of a cbz? Filfactory has a exe in the slow download option and not a cbz. I checked twice.
  2. Strive for the future.

  3. Yeah I haven't found anything either, maybe if I check a bookstore I might find something. This was bound to happen though, no more tree use for that on the bright side.
  4. Tips & Tricks needs to be built up!! Lol

  5. Hope all my Retro pals and fellow magazine lovers are having a awesome day!

  6. Hope all my Retro pals and fellow magazine lovers are having a awesome day!

  7. I'm so glad this site was created, but hopefully somebody will show up with back issues of Tips & Tricks.

  8. Like the upgrade!!!

  9. I almost snapped, thank god it was a joke.
  10. Does anybody know where we can get a load of tips & tricks issues from? I'm not having much luck. I hate what happened to megaupload, it really screwed stuff.
  11. What they did that crippled this site is bull, and I hope this gets killed totally. There are alternatives to megaupload if we all chip in we can fix it.
  12. I think if the folks registered on here want this to continue, we can all chip in and fork over what we have gotten and you guys can open a new account on a different site. 4shared.com is a good place, it's free too.
  13. Wishing for a extensive library of Tips & Tricks magazine

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