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  1. There are so many great ones to choose from. But Contra is all time. Who didn't like playing Contra? Back in the day, it was the game everyone had. 1. Contra 2. The Legend of Zelda 3. Mike Tyson's Punch Out 4. Metroid 5. Mega Man 6. Super Mario 3 7. Tecmo Bowl 8. Castlevania 9. Kid Icarus 10. . Final Fantasy
  2. Gaming magazines are in decline. Mostly all people now that travel have a phone which can access the internet and view such sites such as VG to get the info they want. Magazines had their time & place for me, but I won't be spending £5 for some publication where I can pretty much view the same + plus more on the net.
  3. Electronics Boutique (the store) or EGM (the magazine)? Well, anyways, the only thing I might have (no guarantees) is a EGM "Next Wave" preview of "Final Fantasy Adventure 2" which I don't think were too different than the released shots except MAYBE NPCs and lack of characters' HP along the bottom of the screen (I think the power bars were show). But I can't say for sure since it's been awhile since I looked at that issue (and I'm not sure which issue it was, I think the only '93 EGMs I'm sure I still got are March, May, about 75% of July, October and December). I'm sure there was a Nintendo Power "Pak Watch" review from about that time (early 1993) that had similar shots.
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