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  1. Hi, a while ago I was searching the internet for a specific article in german Club Nintendo: where I first read about Pokemon, for nostalgic reasons. I could not find any scans of the magazine but Retromags seemed like a very nice place and community effort. Recently, I finally found my own misplaced copies of Club Nintendo and would like to contribute by scanning the issues I've got. The are some issues which are quite damaged, even missing the outer cover. But on the other hand, these are the issues I care the most about, featuring Zelda IV for example. Games I longed to play while reading the magazine over and over, imagining how great they must be. What shall I do with these incomplete magazines, still scan and preserve their (sorry) state until someone with a better copy comes along and repeats the effort? Please reply if you are interested, maybe in specific issues I have got. If there is already an ongoing effort of scanning the magazine, please also reply below. Issues of Club Nintendo (Germany): 5/92, 6/92 (missing outer sheet), 6/93 (missing two outer sheets), 1/94, 1/95, 6/95, 1/97, 2/97, 4/97, 1-4/98
  2. Hello, I'm 26 years old and from Germany. I like retro gaming, maybe because I never could afford the current generation of computer or video game hardware. So I am doomed to catch up with what I might have missed and with games that are now considered classics . I don't collect vintage magazines but I still have some from my early days of gaming, I just managed to find my old issues of the german Club Nintendo. It seems there are no scans of the german issues on this site, so I would like to contribute by scanning what I have. Can someone point me in the right direction where I should start with this? I will look around the forums and try to find my way.