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  1. Not necessarily. Many countries, especially 1st world countries like most of Europe, Australia, Canada, etc have their own laws and ways when dealing with a case of copyright infringement which is not too different from what works in the US. Their also willing to work with agent organizations like the FBI to stop cases in their own country if the US feels its hurting them in that way. That being said im still looking to where i can get ahold of the rest of the NP magazines.
  2. I have managed to save NP issues #1 to #40 (which was far as I got before Megaupload was nabbed) Their all in PDF file format. Do you still need them?
  3. What about going to RapidShare or MediaFire? Their not prefect but its closest your get to MegaUpload. I doubt MegaUpload will come back, or if it does, it will became pay only and/or heavily monitored for content.