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  1. ajmetz

    Continue Mag

    Its now been reduced to £1.99 / $2.99
  2. ajmetz

    Continue Mag

    Just an update - people who buy the browser version now get to download a PDF - thank god(!). That'll make reading it easier for me, =P. Paul's currently tweeting that details on the print version are gonna follow soon!
  3. ajmetz

    Continue Mag

    Hi guys & gals, =). Thought I'd let ya' know, Paul Presley's Continue magazine is finally available to buy as a browser mag, =P. www.continuemag.com I believe a print on demand, and also iPad versions are in the works. A free PDF preview is on the site also.
  4. I prefer PDFs too. I find it easier to navigate and read in Acrobat than I do with Simple Comic [am on OSX].
  5. ajmetz

    Station Gamer

    British magazine, circa 2003. Only lasted about six months or so I believe [this is a guess - I don't know how many issues it ran for]. Essentially, at half the size, it got lost behind the bigger mags on the newsstands. A google search throws up the following article: http://www.featuresexec.com/bulletin/news.php?newsid=EmT I've emailed both the editor Matt Martin (in 2005), and publisher Robin Wilkinson (in 2009) about it before, which both yielded some interesting insights into trying to launch an A5 games mag.
  6. Can't wait to finally check out that GamePlayers issue, ^_^ *hint-hint* ;-)
  7. Well, I'm glad to see OldGamesMags is getting stuff back up anyhow, =D. <3 Saturn Power, ^_^. oldgamemags - soz, typo, =P
  8. ajmetz

    Station Gamer

    It was in the noughties not the 90s I think...but does anyone remember Station Gamer from Live Publishing? It was a brief experiment in an A5 / pocket-sized games magazine, edited by Matt Martin - now editor of GamesIndustry.biz I never got an issue when it was out, but hope to keep checking ebay and perhaps get lucky at some point, ^_^.
  9. Well, I thought they might volunteer to host the files for you, since they like preserving the history of games and stuff. If you check their Team pages you'll see it's ran by old games mag staff too, - Amiga Format seems to be mentioned most. I have no idea how a partnership would work - just have a chat with them and discuss it. They're really friendly nice people, =). They're also ran by/part of eleventeenth.com, who provide web solutions for games companies, so they know about hosting and stuff. But y'know, I just like 'em 'cos they've got a good sense of humour, and I've met 'em a couple of times. Whether they end up being the right solution for the current crisis or not, definitely pick up the phone or drop 'em an email, for a chat - they're great people! ^_^ They're headquartered here in the UK, but Stefan and Marcus live in the states I believe. Am glad to hear you've got a couple of ideas of how to get content back up again, =). Makes me hopeful things'll soon be back up, one way or another, ^_^! Looking forwards to checking out the site more once all the content is back up, ^_^. I've got tonnes of 90s mags myself - although admittedly my scanner is super slow, =/.
  10. Hey guys, I was just checking out your site, and attempting to check out some old issues of Game Players [i'm a Saturn fan and was intrigued by the Issue 53 June 1995 Saturn cover, although I also have fond memories of GamePlayers, having bought some issues back in the day, on import]...but would you believe it, my internet died! So I take my laptop to a local hotel, and start using their wifi... XD...only to find, now I've got the internet working, MegaUpload is down, >_<... So, I've watched this whole nasty episode play out, =/, ... ...and it sucks I've only really discovered this community now, during these unfortunate circumstances. That said, I used to be friends with the folks over at Spong.com - and for donkeys they've claimed to be a gaming museum, so I just popped on their forums and told 'em your hosting was down, and asked if Spong still saw themselves as a games museum and if so, should I suggest the Retromags.com lot approach them? Well, here's Tim's reply: http://forums.spong.com/index.php?/topic/570-retro-mags/page__pid__4221#entry4221