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  1. I just started a blog here. I noticed that my photos look correct when reading an entry, but on the main blog screen, all the thumbnails are upside down! I assume this is because my photos were actually taken upside down, and the server software is ignoring the exif orientation info for the thumbnails. Odd, since the software obviously knows to use the exif on the blog entries. Any fix?
  2. Mermaids don't usually have human parts *that* low, do they?
  3. What other games have you face down on the pavement after being stampeded by people desperate to watch a puppet show?
  4. I am a longtime member, and have donated a small amount of money in the past, but the recent promo email incited me to become a lifetime patron. I started out on Usenet, downloading retromagz scans of Nintendo Power. Later, I read through all of Super Play and PSM. Now reading Next Generation. I'm an older gamer, started with the Atari 2600. My current system are 3DS, Wii U, and just recently bought into the PS3. I am not a big fan of most modern games, but the PS3 has a great library for super cheap! Currently playing Dark Souls, Dragon's Crown, and Atelier Rorona. I would have an avatar, but the system here limits me to 100k, which is smaller than any of my avatar files on hand.
  5. My story is similar. I subscribed immediately upon receipt of the free issue #1, and my first subscription issue was also #5. Needless to say, I ordered the first four issues ASAP. By 1993, my interest in video games had temporarily waned (was too busy playing Magic the Gathering and getting drunk), so my last issue was, I believe, #44 (Mickeys Magical Quest). I had all of those issues until my mother moved and threw them away. This is the magazine that initially brought me to retromagz many years ago. I had found the NP issues on Usenet and they were labelled as retromagz. I have since read the first 100 issues again. I donated to this site to repay everyone for the time spent making this possible.
  6. Usenet would be fantastic. I got excited when I saw this news, but then I find out that it hasn't actually been implemented. Usenet allows people to download any files, any time, at maximum speed, simply by typing in a search and clicking the mouse a few times. There is no bullshit rapidshare waiting period or advertising. You can use whatever client you wish. I use Supernews, at a rate of $9 per month (and I am probably overpaying). It has the maximum retention of any server (~4 years), it supports 30 simultaneous connections, no caps, and unlimited download speed. I download files with my cable connection at a rate of 3MB per second. As it is now, and even before on Megaupload, downloading files took forever. I had to click through two or three web pages to get the link, then click download, wait 30 seconds on a page full of ads, then wait for the file to complete since they only allowed one download at a time. With usenet, I could theoretically locate and download the entire set of Nintendo Power in the time it took me to get one file the old way!
  7. Never mind. I think I found it. It has #1-99. It isn't as good as the piratebay torrents, since it is missing the original retromags nfo files.
  8. Care to link to the torrent? The only ones I see are relatively old and incomplete. I assumed you had started a new one. I already have most of the issues and I can help seed. I've been seeding the piratebay torrents (up to 1997) for a few weeks now. The 1997 torrent is stuck at 67% though, with several people at that point. I guess there are no seeds for it lately.
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