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  1. Thanks Areala but Galaxy Force II and myself are old friends! I even own the Japanese import PS2 version and it rocks! funny thing is, the game I've lost track of was in the same spot as a Galaxy Force unit exactly 1 year before and that was the first time I ever saw GF and was smitten. My mystery game was in a non-moving cockpit cabinet like Atari Star Wars with a chase view similar to Galaxy Force and Afterburner, I really can't remember anything else, it's frustrating! thanks for the reply though
  2. When the Playstation came out I had to trade in my Megadrive, 32X and loads of games to raise the cash, 4 months later the CD drive needed replacing so my dear old Amiga had to go just so I could keep playing the PSX. These days I never sell or trade anything, I hoard it all! it's not a cheap hobby is it?
  3. I've got more Xbox 360 games now than I ever owned for any of my retro consoles, but then I have more money now so I guess it's relative. Of all my retro consoles though my Sega Megadrive (U.K for Genesis) was the one I had the most for, around 20 or so.
  4. Sega Master System with Alex Kidd in Miracle World built-in - ah happy days!
  5. Hey everyone! Please can anyone help me identify an old arcade game which I only played once (at the time I was about 9 with only a little loose change!). The year I saw this game must have been either 1987 or 1988 and it came housed in a sit in cabinet exactly like the one that Atari's Star Wars coin-op came in. I was controlling a ship which as far as I can remember looked something like the tomcat in Afterburner, and speaking of that the viewpoint was similar too (behind the ship) as the game was not top down or sideways scrolling. Other than that all I can remember is that it was fast paced, and at one moment the ship was screaming along a planet surface with what looked like some sort of egyptian theme in the background and the next moment travelling through a colourful tunnel (possibly a wormhole). I apologise that this is all a bit vague but it still plagues me to this day and I never caught it's name, I don't know if it was a new game at the time and it may even be a really obscure/rare title but I'd be eternally grateful to anyone who can put me out of my misery! Cheers
  6. I wish! seriously when I eventually have the cash and space I'm going to get a Daytona USA 2 twin, as that's a game you can't play on any console and I love it (yeah I know there's MAME but that's just not the same, I prefer the original hardware and controls) and Blasteroids (again the spinner controller is needed to really play it properly)