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  1. Hi everybody! I've been thinking about putting together a reference for some uncommon Nintendo Power info including which issues were sent out sealed, what the bonus items were with sealed issues, if both subscriber and newsstand versions were sealed, differences between subscriber and newsstand versions, which next-to-last and last-issue warning notices were included with which issues, and so on. In addition to putting the reference online (if it comes together well), I plan to scan things like the old catalogs, renewal-related materials (forms and envelopes mostly), and other odds and ends associated with the magazine that I've accumulated.

    So, if anyone in the community here is interested in contributing to this kind of reference I would definitely appreciate all the help I can get. My ancient (and ongoing) subscription to NP certainly provides some information, and eBay has been useful over the past year for gathering information about many sealed issues and renewal warnings, but there's still a long way to go. I'll probably go poking around on some other forums in the future to dig around for as much information as possible, but I thought Retromags was a good place to bring this up first since folks here are likely to have substantial magazine collections and this is also definitely a good place to be for any project related to magazine scanning.

    Thanks. :)

    I would definitely be interested in helping you with the little bit of info I have found over the past few years. I'm working on a NP fan site and trying to gather a list of inserts myself. I have a excel spreadsheet with a list of poster and some of the inserts already. PM me and I'll sent it to ya bro.

  2. Fun game, though the series did end up getting easier with each entry. This is actually the first of the four that I could beat on my own.

    Also, my cousin and I got a roll of quarters and beat this in the arcade the first time we saw it, heh.

    Haha yeah, my sister and I beta this game on the hardest difficulty without much trouble. Still, sick game and really fun. Thanks for the scans!

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