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  1. @RetropolisZone DKC2

  2. RT @Miexriir: Sonic canonically has a better fashion sense than I ever will and I just have to carry that burden https://t.co/phOkCTP1HT

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    We told you Kavanaugh would be a disaster for trans rights.

    We told you Trump, and the supreme court ju…

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    Please put up fi…

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  10. How Resident Evil 2 fell apart, then became one of Capcom’s biggest hits https://t.co/NHjLvcr2ny

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  12. RT @lrgmnn: fighting baseball for super famicom. some japanese guy had to come up with a whole league of fake american names https://t.co/4…

  13. RT @RANK10YGO: The Megaman Zero games probably have the stupidest boss names in existence https://t.co/HxDewxNqX1

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