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  1. Oh man. The wrong 45 died. #RIP45ِ
    RIP to the baseball player, by the way.

  2. RT @cj_rhea: I’m not going to lie.... #RIP45 is a pretty misleading hashtag..

  3. RT @tonyposnanski: @FoxFriendsFirst After crunching the numbers and doing some analysis, I think I can give you a little more detail on thi…

  4. RT @snopes: The people in the videos are all actually models in stock video footage produced far from the U.S. in France, Brazil, and Turke…

  5. RT @Tsukento: Yu Suzuki's "history" was that he made a shit ton of money for SEGA. Shenmue was his only real negative mark. Even then, ther…

  6. @PhillyInquirer How about you suck my balls after you try and take my backpack off my shoulders instead?

  7. RT @UnknownNeo: @PhillyInquirer Wow. And you get paid for this. Where do I get a job whining about every petty thing that bothers me if I c…

  8. RT @Spotify: This is how you party. @taylorswift13's new vertical video for #YouNeedToCalmDown is now playing on Teen Party 🎈 https://t.co/…

  9. RT @cameron_kasky: Nothing dictatory about military parades lemme tell ya https://t.co/oB03Cxvjx4

  10. @Tsukento ooooooooooooh forget it then.

  11. RT @Tsukento: These are literal concentration camps. You cannot fucking say otherwise. https://t.co/WMAfCNGDaa

  12. @Tsukento I'm thinking of getting this for Jumping Flash and Intelligent Qube, but I don't know if they're worth that price even.

  13. RT @Tsukento: I'm going to laugh my ass off when the Genesis Mini completely outsells this. https://t.co/yf8dLG83w6

  14. https://t.co/AFfnaNLuVS

    @heavyrocksboar I had to look in incognito mode to read (because I was blocked for some od… https://t.co/fXdYyFU3uw

  15. RT @JessicaValenti: Imagine having your body, safety and humanity violated and the person charged with getting you justice says, “well, he…