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  1. RT @simplyundrea: The @Medium post has been taken down but here's the archive of it! https://t.co/0TKINkOo6b https://t.co/8rINTR6PE1

  2. RT @dirtbagboyfren: The post has been taken down and is “under investigation” by @Medium
    If you have access to it, save it. Don’t let it d…

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  4. RT @BernieSanders: While scientists tell us climate change is the great threat facing our planet, Trump thinks it is a "hoax."

    Trump's ign…

  5. RT @sonic_hedgehog: Relive the rolling hills and beautiful coast lines of Splash Hill Zone with this brand new medley, featuring @teelopesm…

  6. RT @jimjampoop: China owns TikTok. Do not let this go unheard of. https://t.co/QkvkUxvOV2

  7. RT @iam_nenol: @yungtestarosa @Iamujer_ A lot of America is someone else’s home and we forget that a lot. There isn’t anything wrong with t…

  8. RT @OtherEhm: star fox 2 baybee https://t.co/vPBRZzSLmZ

  9. RT @elranno: holy shit Star Fucking Fox Two https://t.co/tawb65mOQB

  10. RT @NintendoAmerica: 6 classic games will be added to the #NES & #SNES – #NintendoSwitchOnline collection on 12/12!

    Super NES – Nintendo S…

  11. RT @heybiji: George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, was acquitted, auctioned off the gun he used to murder a child as an "American Firea…

  12. RT @FoxyIrony: I see George Zimmerman trending and the reason why is somehow worse than my expectation. What an absolute shit stain of a hu…

  13. RT @eugenegu: George Zimmerman murdered an unarmed 17-year-old black kid in cold blood, auctioned the murder weapon for $250,000 to some wh…

  14. RT @MsPackyetti: George Zimmerman is trending for being an audaciously racist fool.


  15. RT @mattwhitlockPM: can't wait for george zimmerman to die so i can visit his grave and pay my respects by pissing all over it