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  1. RT @People4Bernie: This is a disgusting claim about our movement. Absolutely disgraceful by @PeteButtigieg. https://t.co/UXhbVGCt6a

  2. RT @BoundaryBreak: if you watch the footage. one guy says

    'Do you think nintendo approached disney'

    Khan then responds 'yes at least onc…

  3. RT @Sora_Sakuraii: Sony released me from their underground chamber under one condition: I must delete all Fire Emblem characters from Super…

  4. RT @JWulen: https://t.co/TjxcgZTQeH

  5. RT @BernieSanders: This election is fundamentally about whose side you are on. #PetesBillionaires https://t.co/hZi3uzCmvJ

  6. RT @bobservo: sorry folks but the rat emoji is violence now 🧀🐀

  7. @GifZelda I knew I should have got the Duracell brand of batteries and not the dollar brand.

  8. RT @gene_hf: @SamsProStation @OKeijiDragon I think the only track that's actually pretty weak is Ice Cap 1, but mainly because it sounds un…

  9. RT @animegolem: HD's https://t.co/86tVBTJZaX

  10. RT @Mr_Meowwwgi: Kitty Snoring into Echo Mic... https://t.co/otbl7DSDxe

  11. RT @People4Bernie: https://t.co/Vb7O9v6MCQ https://t.co/drtFm01nTk

  12. RT @feraljokes: Is anyone watching all of this shit still baffled by why bernie sanders supporters are so loud and angry?

  13. RT @_Zac13: @ajplus I would just like to point out and commend the father who still spoke so professionally after being antagonized by a ra…

  14. RT @yagirltoomuch: He was SHOCKED when the room called him out and he realized he was on his own. They’re only brave behind a screen or in…

  15. RT @WideAsleepNima: Fuck these fucking fascists forever.

  16. RT @SamsProStation: It’s been over 2 months, and I STILL cannot believe the Sonic 3 PC soundtrack was the original music this whole time. T…

  17. RT @BernieSanders: Young people: do not underestimate your power. You will transform this country if you turn out to vote.

  18. RT @BradenWilson17: @People4Bernie i can't believe that politics has actually given me an irrational hate of coins

  19. RT @Samstrosity: @HeerJeet Because this isn’t about party. This isn’t some partisan thing. It’s about a criminal squatting in our White Hou…

  20. RT @bigkittenqueen: @PpollingNumbers @FiveThirtyEight please everyone take absolutely nothing nothing nothing for granted. this is how it s…

  21. RT @Bernlennials: BREAKING: @BernieSanders is within three delegates of the lead in Iowa with 96.4% reporting! #Bernie2020 #IowaCaucuses ht…

  22. SDE?

    https://t.co/okD4RuShao https://t.co/AcowZnePSZ

  23. RT @frostman007: Indeed, Sonic... Indeed. It's taken a while, but you got there. https://t.co/szzkXxHbCW

  24. RT @FarmboyinJapan: https://t.co/bYfbL70oIj

  25. RT @hEnereyG: A white nationalist death cult like the GOP was never going to vote to remove their senile and racist leader for his obvious…

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