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  1. RT @ZhugeEX: Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019) https://t.co/1XSrZfFMIc

  2. RT @supsross: Sonic Adventure 2 ending aftermath (Based off of somecallmejhon's Spotlight) https://t.co/PKkN83CH1W

  3. RT @Somecallmejon: Sonic 3 & Knuckles is one game. #NoContext

  4. RT @hentaiphd: This thread is incredibly saddening/infuriating. Nintendo removed a Smash Custom Stage featuring the trans flag, creator rea…

  5. RT @NPR: Why might Kohl's want to partner with its online competitor? Foot traffic and new customers.

    If Amazon shoppers go to Kohl's to…

  6. @JackalooComics Probably the only romance thing I read at all. Great series.

  7. This same bullshit "take out X and put in Y in its place" mindset reminded me of when people voiced about how some… https://t.co/dZkTkTzN45

  8. I hate to ruin everyone's fun here but these "sacrifice X for Y" are of a stupid, bullshit mindset that just a vari… https://t.co/NkxfF9S1PK

  9. RT @Tsukento: This is why game streaming is a horrible idea. https://t.co/oGQE3SKqQY

  10. RT @Kewn_Miiverse: ゲームボーイ30周年おめでとう!
    #ゲームボーイ30周年 https://t.co/C9xKuCdT76

  11. RT @MotherOfDoggons: This tweet is actually me as a whole https://t.co/s7IPNSYzEH

  12. RT @themmnetwork: Following the last batch of SEGA Genesis Mini reveals, I tried to try to find out if the full list was already decided, o…

  13. RT @Werethrope: doodles in my literal everyday home outfit

    I love me tights 💪✨ https://t.co/T8GdroDEUX

  14. RT @TalbertSwan: Dear wypipo

    If, after all the video footage you’ve seen of police brutalizing, assaulting, tasing, choking, shooting, & m…

  15. 1) Photo Editor (Student Newspaper. Technically not a job, but the amount of work and non-monetary gain that wasn't… https://t.co/CP01q6bxjw

  16. RT @Tsukento: "What about SEGA Saturn?"
    We all know why no one bought it. https://t.co/3EniTHIFt7

  17. @joe_mamma_deez @WarmSafflina @Nintendo @NintendoAmerica Eat shit, you fucking douchebag.

    You're the reason why tr… https://t.co/3YTsAMRJE8

  18. RT @Miacidae: @ArcherZero1 Trashing your possessions isn't going to help in any way. Don't be like the Nike/Gilette idiots.
    Gift it to some…

  19. RT @WarmSafflina: The supervisor told me that they wanted to help me because they disagreed with the decision and supported trans rights. T…

  20. RT @WarmSafflina: So I've been getting questions about how I know the supervisor was fired. A stranger contacted me out of the blue last ni…

  21. RT @COGMONKEY: https://t.co/XNPgwojjv8

  22. I'm seeing a doctor for all this right now it's just too much

  23. @RSolidSnake11 I'd rather take the G-Virus. https://t.co/5vocux7xM6

  24. RT @GoNintendoTweet: Nintendo removes Wii, WiiWare, DS, and DSiWare games from their website, Wii U page removed as well https://t.co/TitvG…

  25. RT @KorkemEstader: What nightmare world am I living in. No wonder capitalism as we know it in America makes my skin crawl. https://t.co/kD1…