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  1. The Publishers Association has been DMCAing some of my stuff i have also. What was weird is stuff like some of my Linux Format cds was was also taken down. What weird about is that i only took down some stuff i had but no the full collection of Linux Format disk. And to add to the weird Linux Format is releasing current dvd iso's on archive.org: https://archive.org/details/@lxfjb I comes across as the Left hand doesn't know how the Right hand is doing. But also the dmcas are very random. Here is one of the big takedowns that made me question why they didn't take down the collection:
  2. Thank your for doing the editing on this. I was not very sure if my scans was up to the standards of retromags. I may have some other magazines that retromags may want when i scan them.
  3. @kitsunebi77 https://www.polygon.com/2016/8/8/12405278/nintendo-power-issues-disappear-from-free-online-archive The collection was not popularly know for 6 months. 2nd i think this may have came from a torrent on a retro gaming site. So not directly from you guys. Some of the scans was 2001 scans which i don't think you guys scanned at all at that time. Heck 2001-03 to 2001-06 issue thats in that collection still has not been scanned by you guys. wayback machine of that collection (to prove there was issues there that you guys didn't scanned in there) : https://web.archive.org/web/20160804202710/https://archive.org/details/nintendopower
  4. @gingerbeardman The main reason the game machine collection happened is cause i told him (Jason) about your one item collection. He organize that one item into a collection of items. He organize the crap the people sometimes just dump into one item like what happened with some of the japanese magazines i also found on archive.org.
  5. Looks like its close to $200. I figure the price wasn't going to be that much.
  6. So i found something else that is interesting when searching for gamelab scans. There is a some sort of magazine called "Backup Utilization Technique" that has 40 pdf issues of it on 2 dvds. Here is the link: https://www.sansaibooks.co.jp/info/伝説のハッカー雑誌『バックアップ活用テクニッ.html here is the translation i got from google: Maybe some magazines have dvd sets of there archives for sell that we can buy. Anyways thanks for the issues you found.
  7. You may want to search for the year in japanese like 1994年. Or year and month like 1994年05月. I do this when searching for old japanese tv shows on youtube cause there is alot of on there. May work with perfect dark to find magazines.
  8. Or maybe both. Fun Fact : Some of the retromags scans even end up in TOSEC-PIX when people update them sometimes. But this is years ago cause i only think this happened with GamePro, EGM, and Nintendo Power. This only happen for scans before 2012.
  9. Thats really suck and to me is very odd. Anyways i hope maybe he can search some of magazines there to find some of them out there. Anyways i have magazine of Comptiq 183 i found on a pc engine forum (i think). The only one i could find. I also found like 8 login magazines from the 1990s. Will be upload them soon. Link to pdf: https://archive.org/details/Comptiq_Issue_183_1998_05_Kadokawa_Shoten_JP
  10. You may want to look for magazine scans that on here: https://retoge-mag.hatenablog.com/ I figure they maybe on perfect dark p2p but i can't get that to work really on windows xp virtualbox. That guy has posted scans of other magazines from here and retrocdn , and others so i figure maybe you can find the original cbr/cbz files. Thanks for all the scans you have found so far.
  11. The PC Engine Fan magazines i think came from a rutracker.org torrent. The pdfinfo on some of the files say it came from pcenginefx.com. From what i can tell retrocdn is hosted these (PC Engine Fan) files untouch. Torrent link below for you to check: https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5093461 @KiwiArcader It gets odder with other projects that your pdfs show up like TOSEC-PIX. TOSEC-PIX remove metadata from your pdfs like for example the Edge magazine (AU) files. They have a 'baking method' before including files into there database files and its just weird cause the metadata removal is not done with everything. I also prefer the original files for checksum/filesize checking. Anyways i figure you would want to know about that.
  12. You should tell that guy that some of those magazines could have pages missing or are out of order. It depends on the years he has also. Issues pass 1995 are not on archive.org and issues before 1984-12 are also not.
  13. So here are 4 scans i have done this past week. First one is the Gamepro Greatest Strategies for fall/winter 2003. (This is the Vice City guide from gamepro someone was looking for here). The other 3 magazines are PC Computing. You will have to wait on 1993-11 issue cause its very damage. https://archive.org/details/pc-computing-magazine-v6i9 https://archive.org/details/pc-computing-magazine-v6i10 https://archive.org/details/pc-computing-magazine-v6i12 I hope this is very help to you guys.
  14. I figure i should put up some of the random scans i just scanned this morning for you guys to see. First is Everything about Sewing book called Fur and Fur-Like Fabrics from 1971. https://archive.org/details/everything-about-sewing-fur-and-fur-like-fabrics-1971 Here is a book about taking care of your Land Hermit Crabs from 1976: https://archive.org/details/land-hermit-crabs-by-paul-j-nash-1976-tfh Here is a Holiday Crafts magazine from 1983 i found also: https://archive.org/details/holiday-crafts-1983 Want to learn about taking taking care of a Parakeet, there is a book for that here: https://archive.org/details/learning-about-parakeets-budgies-1980-pet-library Last book i got is about caves. https://archive.org/details/cave-life-1965-nas So there are the 5 scans i did today. If you want to show your support for my scans you can donate to my patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/godane I hope to scan more odd things later this month.
  15. I did some crazy scans awhile back of Scubapro Diving and Snorkeling magazine. I also have done world war and military history magazines. I done 272 scans and not all are computer/gaming books. I made a list posted it on github for you guys to find them all. Here is the the link below: https://github.com/godane/godane-scan-magazines-books I have done some scans like Disney Adventure magazine for example also.