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  1. I seem to have a love/hate relationship with Nintendo. I've owned every other Nintendo home console, had the SNES, skipped the N64, got the Gamecube, passed the Wii. Like fate I seem drawn to the Wii U. It seems like a evolution of the DS mechanic, using the tv as the second screen. My concern is that Nintendo had not been known for their online service compared with the competition, they are going to have to knock that one out the park.

    What's others thoughts on the Wii U and the presentation the big N gave at E3?

  2. Hope you've made up your mind on the Vita. Personally I've always thought the problem with the PSP was that Sony tried to put the hardcore experience of a home console into a handheld, which doesn't take into account how I play games. If I'm playing the PS3 then I can afford to give it all my attention for a couple of hours. I think mobile gaming works best with either casual games or a short burst of an intense game. I couldn't see myself wanting to play a handheld for hours. But that just me, you may be different.

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