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  1. 8bitguru

    Question Re: Dedicated Servers

    Ahh, okay thanks for the explanation. I look forward to seeing that implemented in future. You do good work, sir
  2. 8bitguru

    Question Re: Dedicated Servers

    Hey everybody, I apologize if this is a really stupid question, but I was wondering about how the unlimited downloading from the new servers worked for those who had donated? I ask this because I'm still seeing download links that take me to file hosting sites prompting to pay for a "premium download" and I thought the goal of the dedicated servers was to remove dependence upon such hosting serves after experiencing past troubles in using such with them shutting down. Are files still going to be hosted exclusively via those download sites, or are we getting a regulated direct download option as well? I don't mean to sound critical at all, I just don't think I understand at all and I suspect Phillyman is busy and thus can't respond to PMs so i thought I would pose my question here. Please be patient with me, I'm kind of new here and am not trying to be a pest. Thanks!
  3. 8bitguru


    Hey, I've been lurking for a few years, and finally decided to speak up and introduce myself. I really like this project as I harbour strong nostalgia for retro gaming magazines. I recall flipping through them cover to cover repeatedly on long car rides as a kid so it brings back all these feelings when I can look back at articles and ads that I thumbed over some 25 years ago. Anyway, I'll spare you the David Copperfield stuff, and just say that I look forward to being a part of this community. I'm eager to see the dedicated server in action too. It was terrible when Retromags lost filehosting for a while there. I kicked up a share for it which, through the magic of paypal, hopefully saw it's way to Phillyman's coffers.
  4. 8bitguru

    New Members Introduce Yourselves

    Greetings and salutations, perusers of gaming magazines the world o'er! Having just joined the site, I look forward to having the chance to once again pore over some of the magazines I read cover to cover repeatedly when I was younger!