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  1. I speak German...though I'm not quite clear why that would be useful...
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Sentenced2000! I'll try checking it out.
  3. I think you may have posted in the wrong thread, Sonicrain...
  4. Figured as much. Oh well, if anything comes to mind, please let me know. I'm looking for a very specific title that might be interest to children of the 80s. Thanks!
  5. I have the April 1994 issue. Unfortunately, despite having joined these forums over a year and a half ago, I'm a complete newbie and need to find/read the tips section on how to scan magazines in without completely destroying them. -_-; And I'd better get to it sometime...a quick glance of the archives indicate that I have at least two or three dozen issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly, Video Games and Computer Entertainment, Video Games: The Ultimate Gaming Magazine, Tips & Tricks, and PSM that are as yet unaccounted for. o_O
  6. What the title says. Does anyone here have any idea of a retailer, online or offine, that deals in old Japanese language videocassettes and VHDs (VHDs being an obsolete disc format)? If so, I'd be interested in hearing from you. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the congrats, though that wasn't really the goal of this post. I really was interested in knowing what this mysterious drawing by Raiden's original actor looked like. In any case, I looking into how to contribute to the community...assuming I can build a scanning/camera rig that doesn't wreck my old magazines.
  8. At the risk of making my first post appear entirely self-promotional, I have a question about the magazine in this post from my blog: http://theragingfanboy.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/kombat-kollektable-kountdown-part-1-of-4/ Just out of curiosity: is anyone here one of the nine other winners of this contest, and, if so, could any of them scan in that original artwork by Carlos Pesina? I'd be interested in seeing what it looks like.
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