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  1. Driver 2 (psx)

    some nice unlockables if you go to certain spots or finish levels a certain way i think. things like different vehicles, some only usable or findable on certain maps. and cheats too, like immunity to police attention, and invinciblility. finding the mini cooper in havana, turning on invincibility and zipping around, or turning on invincibility and immunity in chicago, and jumping the bridges as they go up. lots of thigs to do, i think i even managed to convince my younger brother that the airplanes in chicago were usable vehicles lol. fire engine ftw!
  2. Humorous How To Hook Up The Nes

    blowing into the cartridge introduces moisture to the metal pins to both the cartridge and the system. the real reason is system's connectors becoming misaligned due to multiple carts inserted/removed, or use of third party devices like the galoob game genie bending the contact pins further. unless you're still concerned about warranty issues, open up your nes unit, and gently re-bend the pins evenly to the proper position.
  3. What Is Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink?

    B-52, end of thread and anyone who says they don't like to drink, either says so for religious reasons, knows someone who drinking has messed up big time (celebrities aside), are underage, or had too wild of a night and the hair of the dog bit back too hard
  4. Bluray And Hd-dvd

    at the moment hd and blu-ray are not worth it, for the common consumer. at least not until hdtv becomes standard hd and blu-ray are no good of your tv is crap walk through chain store with a decent electronics department. there should be a setup specifically for blu-ray/hd and hdtv. ask questions, look at the tv's from an angle not just perfectly centered. any blurring, blacking out or pixelizing (little blocky bits which could mean video decoder is crap) and you've found a crap tv component cables can play a part in picture quality as well, but mostly hype past a certain length / price range.
  5. How Much Would You Honestly Pay?

    $0.50 an issue is more than enough. mad magazine has done it, 7 cd release of their full archives. marvel comics are doing it with select licenses, i've seen spider-man and fantastic four so far. something like .cbr would be preferable, but you do realize they are going to try and use some proprietary encryption and third party software to make you view it all.
  6. Nintendo Wants You To Have Safe Sex!

    wow, someone has way too much free time
  7. Playing Final Fantasy

    lived ff1 on the nes (pure fighter or pure black mage for evil and expensive ), ff4 as f2 on the snes, ff5 emulated (job system was cool but took forever to build up) ff6 was the best of the series (memorable characters, beautiful soundtrack and well written plot). nintendo fanboy in me says anything after 6 is crap (7 would have been better if the disk loading and cutscene magic didn't kill almost a minute each time) ff mystic quest was meant more as a beginner rpg, for kids to get their feet wet a fun diverson if you want something to play and don't want to depend on mind bendiing strategy , and final fantasy adventure for gameboy wasn't too bad for ff on the go. have ff4 for gba, finding it more of a fun challenge then ff2 for the snes, discovering the items removed from ff2, the bestiary and music player are kind of fun and the lunar dungeon made ff2 seem like sleepwalking i want to get 6 for the gba, ebay is my only hope it seems tho :( be nice if they were on a collector's edition on the gamecube, like the zelda games. only licensing and demand will tell