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  1. Get early access to our limited edition Scrub merch and rewards before we promote The Great Mechadventure tomorrow!

  2. If they don't, we have a few copies they can order.

  3. I favorited a @YouTube video Excuse me, Princess!

  4. Hand cutting and inserting all the Master Collection covers for tge merch drive next week. They look SO fresh, y'all.

  5. I favorited a @YouTube video Worst Video Game Voices : Anniversary Video - Face Acting 5

  6. Check it out, live gaming speed runs in the name of Autism charity! Deafinition donated $15 for Scrub Club.

  7. Hahahaha. Why was this so funny?! RT @Lexwhyte How much does a hipster weigh? An instagram

  8. Only Scrub Club Dimes Club members get early weekend access to the Merchadventure (our limited edition merch event).

  9. Scrub Club Fun Fact: There are 1,006 free tracks in our current collection. :D

  10. MadHatter finally made a music support page on Facebook! Please head there and Like / share the new page:

  11. Wow! 5 Pixel Buddies gone already! Better pick one up if you want to grab one. :D

  12. 25 new Pixel Buddies are up for sale! Combine them with your Scrub Club orders to save on shipping!

  13. ... special edition will go for a donation of $25, and only 10 will be available!

  14. And another one of Service Lab rocking out. Whew, hell of a fun time. Back still broken from dancing!

  15. Pixel Buddies from the last few Scrub Club shows that weren't sold will be available on the site tomorrow, first come, first served!