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  1. playing world of warcraft on a tablet?? yep Israelis came up with a way

  2. Right going back to bed ... cos even though i feel worse than jax i had to let the dogs out go figure

  3. So i just woke up, still feel like im dying so going back to bed to wallow in a pit of pukey induced self pity

  4. .@ImTehBAwsss so as long as im better by weekend im still prolly gonna go as i was really looking forward to it (bday pressie to myself)

  5. Going to bed as i now feel ill... today has been a disaster #fact

  6. this basically sums up my life today

  7. Jax .."i feel alot better" 20 minutes later.. its like that scene "who wants chowder" scene from family guy

  8. is about ready to write this entire LA trip off, now trying to find a direct flight for tomorrow #EffingFumingATM

  9. . @ImTehBAwsss ..took her to docs this morning and he said she's got food poisoning, ill be honest she looks like death warmed up atm

  10. So i leave for LA in the morning... im nowhere near packed or organised at all in fact the only sign im going is the suitcase is out

  11. Btw cant say why but sitting here with yet another i told you so faces'll find out next week

  12. erm is it me or is Russia's care in the community entry singing come on and nazi??? #eurovision

  13. right off to tescos to grab some bbq stuff.. for operation hit the secret beach!

  14. smoke..xbl...plan

  15. As long as i win euromillions jackpot tonight my plan to retire by 30 will just about come true with a few weeks to spare #GonnaBeClose

  16. Whati dont understand about the codhq, given the fact you pretend to be anything over the internet why do alot of the posters choose cretin

  17. So random guy in our party tonight lets just say come the zombie apocalypse isnt going to need to worry about being 1st choice on the menu

  18. Yay more 2am and 11pm clan op start times for the uk

  19. Its actually heart-warming seeing everyone involved in the industry tweeting vacancies in other studios for the 38/BHG guys #38jobs #props

  20. As im basically a big kid still only 3 sleeps till i leave for LA!!! Or as EU4M would say "TEH" LA ;)

  21. Looks on twitter notices teh Eu4m has reached a new level of wackiness today , am not surprised ....

  22. Hmm my chavvie neighbours in their garden playing loud chavvie music... time to fire up drop kick murphys on my outside speakers then

  23. Wow just dropped car off for its MOT , walked home and dayyyyammm its hot here today, think i might relocate my office to the garden

  24. Ekkk 6hrs to render o0 maybe i went a bit overboard ...but might have a sneaky peak at my secret project ready for everyone in the morning

  25. And a few reinstalls later and alot of swear words after effects now renders in h.264 again pos program