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  1. Makin beats in my boxers.....AT THE SAME SAMN TIME

  2. Me and those white guys tore that bitch up, we could have been a drunk ass boy band called Everclear and The Dry Heaves

  3. #MoviePetPeeves y'all just keep going back to Camp Crystal Lake and bringing black folks with ya too huh?

  4. Well I just gave the get-the-fuck-out-of-parkingspace-Penance Stare to whomever that was......I ain't a morning person at all.

  5. “@XSTROLOGY: #YouShouldNeverLet a #Virgo release held in anger. #HangOnForAWildRide”Or in my case. A half year of court dates and fines.

  6. I guess I'll try to go to sleep now.

  7. I guess a check and a dick in the jaw by your favorite celebrity nullifies everything huh?***pours Bombay Sapphire***

  8. So now you all fucked up in the game, you got a DUI a hangover and Pink Eye.

  9. “@UnluckyBrian: Hires a hooker. Friendzoned.”*****dies***** LMAO!!!!!!

  10. Sometimes I just gotta take time out and recite the poem "I care" by the almighty poet Mr. Al Bundy.

  11. When it comes to liquor I have a motto"White gets me right, Brown makes me clown.....or get another $2000 Fine"

  12. I never understood Wal-Marts method of business. You have 30 registers and only 2 mufuckas working and one of them is going on break.

  13. I glad I copped 3 pairs of them too.

  14. I have so many variations for "Gotcha Bitch" yet only 2 work on O.G. Wrestlers.

  15. AND she had a fucked up attitude LOL. Newsflash....just because some niggas get drunk and let off in your face doesn't make you a dime.