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  1. Makin beats in my boxers.....AT THE SAME SAMN TIME

  2. Me and those white guys tore that bitch up, we could have been a drunk ass boy band called Everclear and The Dry Heaves

  3. #MoviePetPeeves y'all just keep going back to Camp Crystal Lake and bringing black folks with ya too huh?

  4. Well I just gave the get-the-fuck-out-of-parkingspace-Penance Stare to whomever that was......I ain't a morning person at all.

  5. “@XSTROLOGY: #YouShouldNeverLet a #Virgo release held in anger. #HangOnForAWildRide”Or in my case. A half year of court dates and fines.

  6. I guess I'll try to go to sleep now.

  7. I guess a check and a dick in the jaw by your favorite celebrity nullifies everything huh?***pours Bombay Sapphire***

  8. So now you all fucked up in the game, you got a DUI a hangover and Pink Eye.

  9. “@UnluckyBrian: Hires a hooker. Friendzoned.”*****dies***** LMAO!!!!!!

  10. Sometimes I just gotta take time out and recite the poem "I care" by the almighty poet Mr. Al Bundy.

  11. When it comes to liquor I have a motto"White gets me right, Brown makes me clown.....or get another $2000 Fine"

  12. I never understood Wal-Marts method of business. You have 30 registers and only 2 mufuckas working and one of them is going on break.

  13. I glad I copped 3 pairs of them too.

  14. I have so many variations for "Gotcha Bitch" yet only 2 work on O.G. Wrestlers.

  15. AND she had a fucked up attitude LOL. Newsflash....just because some niggas get drunk and let off in your face doesn't make you a dime.

  16. As I sit with this Tanqueray straight on a full stomach I must say that I have relaxed today. I am entitled to it.

  17. Vietnam in night is saved.

  18. Aight then......

  19. Watch yourselves out there. Cops are everywhere splackin' up everyone.

  20. Hey we all have our weaknesses right?

  21. #WhatNotToTextYourPastor "man you were right when you said "these broke ass niggas never show up to Church after Easter"!"

  22. Straight up I wanna go take my shirt and ride an ATV through the mud for hours. #CountryShit

  23. “@UnluckyBrian: Creates an imaginary girlfriend. Friendzoned.”#DEAD LMAO!!!

  24. I'm supposed to be appreciative towards some ashy ass Inkwell Instagram texture titties? I think not.