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    I think it looks cool. It can't be worse than the first movie. I actually liked the genesis game. Only read one or two of the comics so my opinion might not mean as much to some. Is it really called Dreadd 3D? Or is it just Dread? I hope 3D isn't part of the title. That would destine it to fail.
  2. I just watched the most recent episode (#7) and I think the show is alot of fun. There are some neat references and impresive special effects. I find myself cringing at some of the humour and dialogue but if your into video games and you like silly jokes, go check this out for sure. Support Rocket Jump.
  3. I am going to have to go with the Vectrex. Released in 1982 this vector graphic based machine didn't fare too well in the over-saturated gaming market of the time. Still many old school gamers and collectors have felt the draw of the recognizable hum that comes when you turn the dial and watch the screen slowly light up. That's right. for those of you conceived at a Backstreet Boys concert, this console had it's own screen. It was essential the first iCade. But really it is much more than that. The Vectrex isn't some novelty from a by gone era. If it was do you think that it would have such a devoted home-brew community The Vectrex has more home-brew titles than official releases. This is probably because a Vectrex truly is something special. Back when TV was new, and sets were just small boxes made of wood, a child could sit a foot away and get lost in another world. Vectrex brings that feeling back. Maybe because it has the allure of being a self contained unit, or because the truly awesome things that programmers can do with vector graphics. But one thing is for sure, The Vectrex is something special. Sure it doesn't have color and you have to use those hard to find overlays. Sure the button layout on the controller may not be the most comfortable or imaginative But if you want a unique gaming experience you should hunt down one of these boxy beauties for yourself. The best thing, most of them still work perfect thirty years later.
  4. those sound like awesome features. I especially like the cartridge slot and the standard 50/60 Hz switch.
  5. Hey I was wondering If anyone remembers Soviet Strike for the Saturn and PS1. I just picked a copy up and it came with a cool Field Manual. It has a notepad and a little Intel book. Does anyone know anything about this. Was it a collector edition bonus or something? I would really like to find out more about it. Haven't found anything on the net about it yet though. Soviet Strike is a great addition to the Strike series. For so long Jungle Strike was my favorite in the series but this one is really good so far. It might take the cake. What do you remember about the Strike games? What was your favorite? Desert? Jungle? Urban? Soviet? Nuclear Does anyone have any info about the Soviet Strike Field Manual? I could post a pic probably.
  6. That was a cool little showcase of some retro collectibles. But really, who collects boxed game organizers?
  7. I was thinking about this while watching E3 coverage. My dream would be a merger between Sega and Ubisoft. They decide to release a new next-gen system. Think about it. That console would skyrocket on first party franchises alone. Shenmue 3, Sonic, Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Virtua Fighter, Sega Rally, Phantasy Star, Yakuza and countless other. Ubisoft would have Beyond Good and Evil 2, Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed, Rayman, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, Driver and again the list goes on. Sega still have skill in hardware. I mean they still make arcade machines right? And ubisoft has only been getting stronger. I think it would be amazing.What do you guys think? Would you buy one? Think it would work? Any ideas or Games you would want to see on a Sega/Ubisoft console?