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  1. Oh, yes, it is not the origianl controller. That's a PlayStation version. But the layout of the buttons and the directional pad are the same.
  2. 1. Super Mario Bros. 3 2. Kirby's Adventure 3. Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse 4. Turtles II: The Arcade Game 5. Double Dragon II 6. Bucky O'Hare 7. Probotector II 8. Little Samson 9. Mega Man 2 10. Snake Rattle N Roll
  3. The best? The SEGA Saturn 6-Pad-Controller:
  4. @ ctophil: Wonderful post, I can totally agree! If I have to choose one console, I would pick up the NES: It ended the video game crash and brought us Mario, Zelda, Metroid and other great franchises that we still love today.
  5. Wow, thank you very much. I'll wait till the mag is back online. :-)
  6. Hello, I'm new here and I'm searching for E3 coverages from 1995 like this one that covers the Genesis games of that time. The purpose: I'm searching for background informations concerning Garfield: Caught in the Act and the Lost Levels that were only available through SEGA Channel. I just found some interesting reviews on a german platform called Ninretro. One review displays a screenshot that is no longer in the game (viking level) and the other one features a screenshot from a "train level" (Catsablanca style). This was really helpful for me! So that's why I wanted to search for E3 1995 specials that might include more informations about the game itself. On mobygames I saw the following conclusion to the game: Does anyone knows in which EGM the game was tested? Are there more Garfield: Caught in the Act reviews available on retromags? I'm happy for every piece of information that I can get. I already checked some sites (,, but I hope to find more in old printing mags like EGA, Sega Visions or GamePro. Thanks a lot for your help. :-)