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  1. I'm hoping that as the whole pandemic thing blows over (like, completely gone), retro game prices would go back to what it was before 2020. I still want to get a legit copy of all the Suikodens, the Xenosaga series, and Persona. Thankfully, I managed to find a (relatively) non-inflated copy of Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth Edition. It's currently at around $200 right now.
  2. I know you said TV shows but I still can't forget how Charlie's Angels had those kids playing FFVIII on a PS1. They're playing as if the game had two players.
  3. Atari 2600 NES Famicom Super NES Super Famicom Game Boy Game Boy Advance SP Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo 3DS XL Wii Sega Mega Drive Sega Dreamcast Panasonic 3DO PlayStation PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PSP Nowadays, I just game on the PC.
  4. The NES Classic was really nothing more than a holiday item, hence why supplies were limited. As for the Switch, can you really blame them after the fiasco that was the Wii U? Nintendo is a very conservative company, and this works for and against them. Their original projections for the Switch was around 8 million for the whole year; when the success caught them off-guard, they said they would increase the supply to 13 million. The problem is that the Switch is also using components used in the newest iPhone so they are competing with Apple for hardware components in this regard. And no one can really hope to compete with Apple in this day and age.
  5. Well, it's not like it's without precedent. If PS5 and Nextbox will launch in 2020 (three years from now), that'd be just like how the TG-16 came into the scene during the midpoint of the 8-bit era, with SNES coming in 3 years later.
  6. Capcom made BoF 6. Unfortunately, they made it into an F2P online browser-based game, for some reason. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breath_of_Fire_6 They will be closing it down soon.
  7. Suikoden, definitely. But seeing how Konami is nowadays, that's probably a monkey's paw waiting to happen. And I'm on the topic of RPGs, I hate what Capcom has done with the Breath of Fire franchise. Whenever I want a new Suikoden, I look at BoF and say, "That could've been Suikoden, so maybe we'll just leave it at V".
  8. I understand why you would put Switch as a handheld device, but Nintendo themselves have said that the Switch is a successor to the Wii U, and hence the first hardware for the 9th generation of consoles. Whether or not there will be a successor to the 3DS remains to be seen but the Switch is definitely a 9th-gen console that has portable capabilities.
  9. Man, that has got to be a bitch to move!
  10. I'm having fun with it. But then again, I'm someone who have been playing since 1986 or so, so graphics really do not bother me much.
  11. Legend of Dragoon and Valkyria Chronicles. Working through my backlog.
  12. Jie

    IPAD Pro

    Oh yeah, aside from the weight, suing the SP3 and Cover app to read scans is perfect.
  13. Jie

    IPAD Pro

    I've decided to just go with a Surface Pro 3. Will be picking it up later; hopefully, I won't have to use any apps to read scans and CDisplay will be enough. I hear the free version of the Cover app is limited.
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