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  1. Let's say you used a region bypass cartridge like the Action Replay cart, then that game would work fine on a US Saturn. There are some PAL Saturn games that have major issues when played at 60hz, but aside from some occasional slight green type artifacts at the very top of the screen, Deep Fear plays fine on an NTSC Saturn system.
  2. I don't have one yet either. Nothing too compelling games-wise for me to get all excited about. But then again the fact I don't own one is not that big a surprise where I'm concerned. I'm hardly ever an early adopter of new systems. I tend to let the dust settle for a bit before I take the plunge.
  3. Intellivision with Voice module and Intellivision II
  4. So I guess to keep the thread going, A while back I managed to get my hands on a mint CIB Magnavox Odyssey 2 system with the Voice add-on module and a few games. I hadn't hooked it up for the longest time because I needed one of those "F" to Phono Plug Adapters so the RF cable can be compatible with my TV. I've played it a bit lately, and it's fun in a very retro kind of way but I reckon not the type of system I'll keep going back to.
  5. I don't believe so. Looks a quite legit system in its own right. http://www.pong-picture-page.de/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=2080
  6. Yeah I know, it's life's toughest question. This means no Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, or Sega, guys. Think outside the box. Not going to make it a poll because there are too many obscure video game systems to count. And besides, what you or I consider "obscure", others might think of as mainstream. So I'll start things off and give a little love to Atari's last hurrah, the Atari Jaguar. The image issue with the Jaguar was that it was really Atari's last hurrah and last chance to get it right, and Atari simply didn't have the resources to fully execute. There was nothing wrong with the system's technology per se, but, like the 3DO, it was caught in a weird in-between phase where 2D (and sprites) was still the dominant game "format", but 3D (and polygons) was starting to be the hot "new" technology. The only system really prepared for that was the PS1. It also naturally didn't help that, despite promises of a flurry of third party software, releases were sporadic at best and often unpolished. The 3DO had this issue to a degree, but I suspect that an easier development environment and the CD format at least enabled a more robust release schedule after a very slow start (and a start filled with too many edutainment titles). One wonders if the Jaguar wouldn't have stood a better chance forgoing cartridges in the first place and just being a CD unit, albeit at a higher price (and this still wouldn't have positioned it any better against the PS1). Anyway, what is it I like about the Jag? Well for me, and I'm not the only retro gamer/enthusiast that thinks like this, I really like 2D games, and I really like arcade titles, and the combination of a TON of the Jaguar's library synchs with me perfectly. I love the 2D games like Zool 2, Ultra Vortek and Rayman. I love the arcade titles like Tempest 2000 and Missile Command 3D. And I love the cross between the two with titles like Zoop, NBA Jam TE, Raiden, Defender 2000, Protector, Protector SE, Power Drive Rally, Super Burnout, Breakout 2000, and a couple others. Something about all of those titles just really clicks with me. I also really liked the early 3D game concepts. Things like Club Drive, I-War and Cybermorph I found a lot of pleasure in, while I don't find the same sort of pleasure in early PS1 titles. So, in my opinion, the Jaguar is NOT a bad console. It's library isn't that big, but there is a very good number of titles that I do really appreciate on this system. Yeah, the controller doesn't work for everyone, and there were some colossal busts like Checkered Flag and Fight For Life, and I can totally understand why games like Club Drive, I-War and Cybermorph are not everyone's cups of tea. But, that doesn't mean that the system as a whole doesn't hold much appeal. For me at least, it does. I see this board as a whole has very few active forumites, but it would be interesting to read the thoughts of those that might take the time to contribute to this thread.
  7. The system will be called 3DS XL in the West and will retail for $199.99. It will be released on August 19th, the same day as New Super Mario Bros. 2. The system's top screen is now 4.88 inches, while the lower screen is now 4.18 inches. Both screens will be 90% larger than on the original 3DS. The new 3DS will have longer battery life, but an AC adapter won't be included with the system in order to keep costs down (it will be available for purchase separately). Adapters from previous Nintendo hardware will be compatible. The system will be released in red and blue. Europe will also receive a silver option. Nintendo notes that 3DS XL will have a battery life between 3.5 and 6.5 hours while playing 3DS games (compared to 3-5 hours for 3DS) and between 6 and 10 hours while playing DS games (compared to 5-8 hours for 3DS). The 3DS XL's battery will take approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes to charge. Well I guess it was only a matter of time. I mean judging by their past record with handhelds, GB--GB light--GB pocket GBA--GBA SP--GBA SP+ DS--DS Lite DSi--DSi XL I'll probably be getting it, but not at launch. BTW, no AC Adapter to be included with the system. Not sure I like that.
  8. It's the weekend, baby!

  9. OK, normally I don't do those dumb internet personality quizzes, because they're, well, dumb. But I found this one that's short, simple, and doesn't demand your e-mail address, so I thought, "What the hell". http://www.thequarte.../VikingName.php And here's what I got out of it: Your Viking Name is... Sæbjörn the Fearsome Your Viking Personality: You're a doughty, stalwart Viking. You have a thirst for battle, and tend to strike first and think later. You're not a "berserker", but you're among the toughest sane Vikings around. You might grumble a bit at the lack of amenities on board a Viking longboat, but you can handle it. Other Vikings consider you "one of the guys". You have a fairly pragmatic attitude towards life, and tend not to expend effort in areas where it would be wasted. The only people who trust you completely are the ones who've never met you. Apart from the "thirst for battle" bit, yeah that kinda does sound pretty close to me.
  10. Simple, just name a game and then the next person says whether or not they've played it (they can rate it if they wish) and then they name a game and so on. I'll start. Parasite Eve (PS1)
  11. I think the Genesis sound hardware required special people who could really understand what they were working with, to really get great music out of it. People like Tommy Tallarico, and Michiru Yamane come to mind.
  12. I know I'm not being realistic here on some points, but in a "dream world scenario" in terms of specifics I'd say, - A cart slot; today you can build cheap but pretty big cartridges using flash-chips. - Many USB ports; to let you run programs like emulators or homebrew games from any USB stick or to use add-ons like blu-ray drives etc. - A big HDD - It should allow installation of other OS and other proggies. - Wireless communication between consoles not too far away. - Broadband. - Wireless joypads. - No region-lockout and standard 50/60 Hz switch. - Extremely low power consumption. - No license fees so that small developers may produce for the system. - Custom lighting system (choose your color!)
  13. Yeah this one's on my radar as well. Looking forward to it.
  14. Well let's see how the mods here feel about this topic. So just to kinda start things off, I'll just put a pic here of one of my more obscure systems. The picture size is 800x600. Is there a perhaps a size restriction? The console system is the Radofin 1292 "Programmable Video System" It's a mid '70's console. Interesting fact is that it was produced by different companies and sold with a host of different model no's and names. But essentially all the different variants are software compatible. So I found this at a local garage sale. It came loose (no box or paperwork) but it was/is in pretty good nick and all the cartridges work just fine. Interesting is that some of the games had controller overlays. I'm thinking this must have been one of the first ever systems to use overlays for the games?
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