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  1. I heard NP wasn't so great during these last few years under Future, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to get the final issue for my collection and old time's sake.
  2. So many cartoons i enjoyed back then, but I'll pick one that I can enjoy again today thanks to Boomerang, Tom and Jerry Kids!
  3. Finally got a Sega Saturn, model 2 with model 1 controller and virtua fighter 2 and the necessary cables. Separate from it, I also got a s-video cable for it for $36 off ebay.
  4. Picked up Batman Arkham Asylum and Red Dead Redemption, both PS3 GotY versions. Got AA on the Gamestop sale for $10.
  5. I will admit, I'm curious about this console.I don't believe it will sell very well though. I'm guessing the Kickstarter skyrocketed so quickly because people seem to want something different, some kind of alternative to the big three. Of course, that's just my opinion.
  6. Hit some retro game shops during the weekend, picked up NBA Jam and Tournament Edition for $3 each for Genesis, and Daytona USA for Saturn for $5. Also got ripped off $8 on a bad 3rd party Genesis controller.
  7. I remember the movie quite well. To think, they actually gave it an open ending for a sequel that never happened.
  8. Bought some Genesis games a few days ago for $1 each, totaling $4. Cyborg Justice, World Series Baseball, Madden 96, and Bill Walsh College Football.
  9. I know it may never happen, but I still hold on to hope for a Streets of Rage 4, or some new version of the game.
  10. Has to be this one, with numerous promos for the Saturn launch. It's just so weird.
  11. The arcade game in the movie is actually playable, on facebook at this link Gets tough around level 5.
  12. It has to be Streets of Rage 2 for me. From the characters and weapons, to the music and levels/backgrounds, everything mixed perfectly to make one of the greatest beat em ups of all time in my opinion. I still love the soundtrack for the game.
  13. Not much lately, but I did get a Genesis model 2/3 a/v cable to get mine up and running again.
  14. First one bought for me was a NES, but the first one I bought with my own money was a 360. Had to buy a hdtv to go with the 360 too, thanks to the micro text problems with some games.
  15. I'm not surprised with an XL model. I am surprised that they didn't use a second analog this time, although that would anger many Circle Pad Pro owners.