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  1. Hey guys! Guys! Lookie what I found on the internet! It's Super Mario Magazine! or Marimaga for short. This Japanese magazine contains the beta content of Super Mario RPG before it was released as the final version. If I buy it, I'm gonna scan this magazine, and share with the internet. Unfortunately, this magazine was released only in Japan in September 22, 1995. and here's the link!
  2. Sorry about that. I was talking about the ones from 1994-1995.
  3. I'm also looking for Nintendo Magazine System (UK) scans.
  4. Have you ever heard of Nintendo Magazine System UK? I'm pretty sure some people are too lazy to scan them.
  5. Here's one of mine. United Kingdom Nintendo Magazine System - Issue 38, November 1995. Australia Nintendo Magazine System - Issue 33, December 1995.