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  1. If you want to ensure that a woman never speaks to you again, refer to her period as a "Super Menstroid."

  2. The woman sitting in front of me on this bus smells so bad I'm like 80% sure she's some form of bog troll or swamp harpy.

  3. Was just shown this video of an attempt to bring Gundam to America in 1991. They were gonna call it "Doozybots."

  4. "Fuck every part of my terrible ass you goddamn fucking lava seahorses" is a sentence I just said out loud because of a video game.

  5. Ten bucks says that by this time next year, @skydart will have twice as many followers as I do.

  6. If you missed @TheComedyButton's #SDCC panel last night, here's the part where @scott_bromley cried:

  7. Guys, @TheComedyButton panel will be LIVE from #SDCC in 15 minutes on - moderated by George Lucas! #Avatar2

  8. Probably gonna be holding a @TheComedyButton #SDCC panel in a bit. And by that, I mean we're gonna get drunk at Brian's house and stream it.

  9. Deadpool should be voiced by Rob Paulsen, not Nolan North.

  10. When the fuck did plaid shorts become okay again?

  11. If you're trying to make people take something seriously, saying "Don't ever joke about that, it's not funny" is the wrong way to do it.

  12. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is like a humorless feature film adaptation of an Upright Citizens Brigade episode.

  13. Here's a Tumblr post in which I discover all the secrets of our pop culture.

  14. Holy fucking shit how did I just now realize that Dylan Moran was in Shaun Of The Dead. I am the dumbest person in the world.

  15. You should click on this link BECAUSE I SAID SO OKAY JEEZ JUST DO IT ALREADY