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  1. Well, if it secures the site for the long term then it's very admirable that you are taking on this upgrade project before it's unavoidable. Thank you for doing this!
  2. Nice list, Phillyman! I hadnt even heard of The Secret World of Arrietty . I might buy it. It sounds interesting. I love the idea of small people hidden away from the world. It worked really well in the Zelda Minish Cap game for GBA.
  3. It's worth a few extra points for Bob Hoskins... that's about it. I remember Bob revealing in an interview that he had major problems with the directors; husband and wife co-directors. He said that they had caused all of the movies problems. It isnt without its goofy charm, though.
  4. Hi guys. My name is Mark and I am from Ireland. I'm in a similar situation to Sevenlavide. I joined this community as it is trying to get back to full health after the Megaupload problems. Most of the magazines I want to download arent back up yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Hopefully the site can recover fully as I love revisting old magazines and memories. I grew up during the SNES and N64 era and I remember it as a golden age for both games and game mags. A big thank you to everyone involved in preserving these magazines!
  5. Some really nice games there, ctophil. I play emulated SNES games as often as I can, but there is something to be said for playing from an actual cartridge! It's a shame I can't get my hands on a good SNES gamepad. I bought a couple of replicas recently. They were very cheap plastic, unfortunately.
  6. My two biggest purchases were an xbox 360 slim and a Samsung Fridge Freezer which cost a combined 2000 Euro. I gave my old xbox to my kid brother. So far, I love the Samsung Fridge. I went from a 9 year old small fridge to a large technological wonder! I have yet to fill it even half way despite my best efforts! I'm thinking of buying a Nook e-reader soon, although I may wait until next month.
  7. Also Lylat Wars/Starfox 64. I think that would have made a great trilogy story. The end of that game kind of reminds me of Star Wars episode IV. A sequel (I am excluding the starfox games that came out later, as they were not 'true' sequels) could have expanded the story and set it up for a huge climactic battle in the third game. Not very original I know, but it could have been interesting.
  8. I am probably going to get jumped for this, but... Mario 64. I have always felt that we haven't yet seen the true successor to Mario 64. The original was rushed to market so as to be a launch title. This left room for a sequel to contain all of the ideas and levels that the developers didn't have time to include in the original. Sunshine was fun but very different. As were the two Galaxy games. The mechanics were similar but the experience was not. I would love a mario 64 sequel with many more worlds to explore in 3D and a more complex castle as the branching off point for those worlds. I've been waiting 15 years for that game, and counting...
  9. The SNES controller was perfect for that generation's games. Also, the N64 controller was very much ahead of its time. I used the N64 controller recently, or to be precise I tried to use it. It was difficult to readjust to it. I remember thinking it was the perfect controller back in the late 90's. Maybe the learning curve is higher on the N64 game pad compared to others as it was so different and still is. The 3D stick feels awkward and far too high compared to say the Xbox 360 stick. The SNES controller is timeless, though!