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  1. Error Downloading

    Working again; able to download 5 as before. Thanks! I do intermittently use VPN for surfing/downloading from other sites. Typically I don't use the VPN for retromags for downloading though, but there have been a few times where the VPN was connected and I downloaded from retromags. Not sure if that had some effect?
  2. Thanks for the scan! Feeling very nostalgic/retro this holiday season!
  3. Error Downloading

    I've started getting the same issue about 1 week ago. Now the site only allows to download 1 file a day, then gives the "You may not download any more files until your other downloads are complete" message. Kind of seems like it erroneously thinks the 1st download did not complete?
  4. What's crazy is the perspective of it all. I'm from the 80s-90s Era and didn't really play anything past/including ps2 generation. The oldies but goodies on that system could be considered retro I guess (>10 years and 2 gems back), but to me they are seem new and not too retro graphically or gameplay wise. To the young kids though, the systems must seem like dinosaurs!
  5. Crystal Pepsi

    I loved this when I was young!! Love that it is returning!!