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  1. My EGM Spring 2015 issue arrived today as well. Interesting to note that this a different cover than the one posted by E-day. It also reads, "Special Issue #04 and Display Until 7/15/2015" on the cover. I don't think we have gotten a regular EGM issue for a long time.

    I had to check the cover listings on here, but it looks like the last regular issue of EGM was Summer 2014, so essentially a full year ago - that's hard to believe. But I suppose they are correct with special issue 004, in that there was also the Winter 2015 Buyers Guide, and the Xbox One/PS4 Buyers Guides.

  2. I wish there would be better communication with the subscribers. Either send a letter or post an update on the website. Just acknowledge that there is a problem getting the magazine published in a timely fashion, the reasons, and what the future plans are for the magazine. Take Retro Magazine (the one that began on Kickstarter) for example, they had some type of problem that delayed publishing of an issue and they sent an email to subscribers warning them of the delay and detailed their plans for the next issue. Good communication is a must.

  3. Hey Everyone, I wasn't sure if this is the correct location for this topic, but I didn't see it discussed anywhere else on the site. I noticed some stories a few days ago saying that Future was looking to stem its current streak of operating losses (their share price dropped by 68% from Jan to Apr 2014 as a result) by eliminating redundancies within their organization and expediting their transition to digital publishing. As a result the OXM US team has been laid-off or terminated, and as a result subscribers will be receiving the OXM UK magazine. At least, it said a magazine published by the OXM UK team, I'd assume it's the same issue. Here are some sources that I've found:

    A retrospective by IGN_Ryan (McCaffrey):


    Business-themed article by GamesIndustry International:


    Discussion at NeoGAF:


    OXM US twitter account, with some recent tweets adding clarification:


  4. I received my issue today, although I didn't get to read through it completely, I thought it was interesting that they now hand out the "game of the issue" award in the review section, so at least they acknowledge the non-monthly format. The content of the issue is very solid (if a little light, considering the quarterly schedule) and I like the features that they have created - they've had some memorable top 20 lists, interviews, and op-eds lately. One thing I miss about the old mag is the upcoming release calendar, but that might be difficult to to with their quarterly schedule. I wonder if they won't be publishing their GOTY awards from 2013, even though it was already online so I guess it would be a little redundant.

  5. When I called in to renew my subscription earlier last month the representative insisted they were sticking to a bi-monthly publishing schedule, I don't know how much weight to put in that though. I wonder what is prohibiting them from keeping a monthly or bi-monthly publishig schedule? Do they not have enough staff to support the magazine and the website? Do they not earn enough ad and subscriber revenue to make a profit on each issue? Are the circulation numbers that poor? The Nintendo Force kickstarter idea is really interesting, but I haven't kept up with it, does it seem like it's going to pan out successfully?

  6. Just got a copy of RETRO and I'm really enjoying it so far. That was an interesting interview with Ed Semrad about the early days of EGM, I had no idea the amount of work he put into traveling to foreign game shows and getting those screen captures for the magazine.

  7. Hey Guys! I hate to turn this into the "where's my EGM thread" but I was curious if anyone received a new issue that would be the equivalent for Spring, Jan/Feb, or whichever publishing schedule they are using. I think the last issue I received (besides the next gen buyers guides) was for Fall 2013 (#261) - i just thought there should have been another regular installment by now. Thanks!

  8. I ended-up subscribing to Edge, even though it's more pricey than US publications and takes two to three weeks to be delivered. So far it seems to be worth the price as it is printed on quality paper, has nice graphic design, and decent writing. I personally just prefer having a physical mag to flip through rather than a digital reproduction. It's interesting though, Future seems to be making some special print issues quarterly now. I picked up a PS4 preview magazine and a GTA 5 special magazine the other day, both published by Future and marked as Fall 2013 - they had published Halo focused issues previously as well.

  9. I wasn't sure where this belongs, but I was browsing Kickstarter and noticed a new campaign to create a "multi-format, throwback video game magazine." I promise this isn't spam or an advertisement for their campaign. I thought it looked interesting, seeing as it involves a couple editors that I recognized from past magazines. I thought you guys might be interested in the project. The link is: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/socalmike/retro-the-multi-format-throw-back-video-game-magaz. Do you think it will reach its funding goal? Do you think that even if funding is met that it will be a viable long-term magazine?

  10. So those of us that have gotten their copy in the mail, what do you think of the issue? I like the feature sections that they've added from the old magazine - although I'll admit I miss the old editor's personalities and the monthly schedule (I'm assuming that's why the reviews for many games are shorter in length?).

  11. I was just contemplating that the other day, the lack of advertising I mean. At first it I was thinking how unusual it was reading a magazine with only a few ads, but then I realized that probably isn't a good thing as the magazine probably needs as much revenue as possible from ads.

    Edit: Heck, I remember the magazine from the early 2000's, it seemed like the left side pages were editorial content while the right side pages were ads.

  12. I can't recall what mine said on the last issue. I'll have to pay attention on the next one. I was encouraged with the opening editorial where they talked about the changes made to the magazine, it sounds like they intend to continue publishing it and are putting a lot of work into the content. So far I'm happy with the additions they've made, it's nice they're incorporating some of the old sections. I think I'll like their top 20 feature - still one of my favorite features from the old mag was their 100 (or was it 150?) greatest games. I still wish the magazine had some more content in it, or *crosses fingers* would revert back to a monthly schedule.

  13. I notice something about that last EGM cover that Spoonman posted. It says, "Summer" beside the UPC, which brings me to an idea. Why can't game magazines be quarterly? I may be one of the few on here that reads Grassroots Motorsport, but they only put out something like 8 issues a year. But you know, they're always pretty good. I think it's a viable model for a low circulation magazine.

    I say leave the "news" out of it, and leave it strictly editorial, features, etc.

    I agree. I can get my news and previews and reviews online. But I think print is a good media to allow for deep editorials and thought-out features. Most of the content I read online is brief and matter of fact, it would be nice to read a deep editorial every now and then.

  14. I really find it disappointing the US video game magazine market is slimming down. I suppose the move to digital is understandable, but I like to think there is still a market for a content rich magazine. Like with EGM, I don't know what their costs are like, but I would have to guess they would sell better if they were able to produce a magazine with a fair number of pages with interesting articles, not just previews and reviews. I was considering, too, subscribing to a UK magazine like Games tm or Edge since they seem to have a decent amount of content each issue to justify the price. Are either of those well-written?

    Edit: I'm not familiar with Nintendo Force, I may look into that as well.

  15. Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this. I was just curious what magazines everyone is either currently subscribed to or enjoys reading every now and then. I've always enjoyed printed media more so than digital, even though there isn't much of it left. I'm currently subscribed to EGM (more so for the nostalgia of the brand than anything else considering their erratic publishing schedule lately) and wanted to see what else out there and enjoyable to read. Thanks!