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  1. Sega Genesis/Sega Megadrive. Played Batman, Dragonball, Power Rangers and DC superheroes on that S. Pretty generic games for a little boy, I know.
  2. GBA then Nintendo DS. Wish I had an SP before. My GBA's hard to play in the dark now.
  3. Enjoying my jenesisds play splatterhouse guise.
  4. That's the problem when you have too many games. I'm just like you but I try to finish my backlogs
  5. Anyone have last.fm? Also paste your taste. I'm Into Shoegaze, 90s diy punk, Post-punk, No wave, Old school Hip-hop and good contemporaries, House, 2-step garage, broken beats, glitch.. Various forms of metal. etc. Let's talk
  6. Gonna download all of these again cause I bought one of these Plays nes, snes, gbc, gba. lol. can connect to tv as well. Mine's Tetris Super Mario Bros Contra Battletoads.. Is anyone tallying? someone should tally.
  7. super mario bros. personal: Final Fantasy IX Suikoden 2 Portal() Earthbound
  8. Can't seem to find higher resolution. But these are what I had (forgot the names of others. one other ps2 game book) Awesome collection Phillyman Mortal Kombat 4: Prima's Official Strategy Guide Wasted my money on this unofficial crap. Learned about glitch city though.
  9. Nope. Googled it and got it from abandonware though. Siege of Avalon (PC)
  10. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Brigandine Suikoden II Final Fantasy IX GTA 2 Crash Bandicoot Tekken 3 Marvel Vs. Capcom WWE KYR (Played the shit out of it as a kid) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
  11. Final Fantasy IX had an awesome soundtrack. Also liked songs from Twisted Metal and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4. I grew out of the twisted metal songs
  12. Over a hundred PS1 game hand me downs. Didn't even get to play some of them.