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  1. I found this site via a random Google search. I'm active on many other forums, but I never came across any mention of this place.

    I joined because I collect retro gaming magazines, a rather small hobby I thought. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like I have the rights to do anything on this site! I can't upload, download, start a topic, etc. It makes it very hard to become part of this community. This forum must have had a traumatic past with new comers.

    I had hoped to download a single magazine so that I could see the format standards. Fortunately, you have a magazine I do not own in my collection, Video Games & Computer Entertainment number 12 (Jan 1990). I'm not a "leecher", but one who would like to share my hobby. It seems like efforts to protect your labor might discourage other laborers from joining you. Much of my attempts to see what I can do have only led to further explanation of my limitations here. Why is it like that?