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  1. Joao Moutinho to Spurs? Wow

  2. Oh Peanut Butter Kit Kat, how i've missed you. :)

  3. I love it when a plan comes together.

  4. The very next round i flashback and get 3 kills. The other team quits.

  5. My new EP The Polar Shift is available for free, http://t.co/hBd8LCtd

  6. Just listened to a demo i recorded a while back and thought "That sounds awesome......now is that 4 or 5 delay pedals?"

  7. Busy isn't even the word for what i am right now. I like this.

  8. I have a creepy hoodie fetish.

  9. People in 1000 years will remember Neil Armstrong. Privileged to have been alive when he was.

  10. Holy shit. That Red or Black ended was epicness evolved!

  11. Scar Jordans moral of the story? Don't follow Scar Jordan.

  12. Holy Shit. New Asking Alexandria track is actually pretty solid.

  13. Had an almost perfect team tonight on L4D, ALMOST.

  14. Releasing my new E.P on Monday just putting the finishing touches on some of the tracks and sorting out the artwork.

  15. CS:GO, PC or Xbox? Hmmmm

  16. Currently playing a bit of Ultimate Alliance. It's like Dungeon Siege 3 but with superheroes.

  17. Finally got round to watching Avengers this afternoon.

  18. Just ripped 10 dvds onto my laptop only to realise i'd accidentally set the default audio language to French.

  19. Halo 4 Mountain Dew Game Fuel - http://t.co/63UQN5hH

  20. Wow shit got crazy on Twitter.

  21. RIP @krazyyyy_ Didn't know the kid but my timeline shows he meant a lot to a lot of people.

  22. Watching the Stjarnan - KR Icelandic match, Stjarnan just scored a glorious goal.