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  1. Hello Retromag community, i seem be to in a creators slump. Over the past years (2006-2008) I have owned/created/maintained an retro video game blog/site primarily focusing on retro games, import games, game reviews, and news from Akihabara, My main intentions were to create a simple straight-forward website dedicated to obscure Japanese video game news (similar to those of Insert Credit, Hardcore Gaming 101, Andirasang) which I did hold up for a three year period. Unfortunately closing 2009 due to lack of funds and poor hosting service. As of 2012 I purchased a domain and have enormous bandwidth to create something special, unique to the retro video game community. Currently finishing up the last touches on the page layouts, I come to the retro communities for advice. What do you want a Retro Video game site to offer? I really appreciate Retromags for its on-going contribution towards preserving vintage magazines throughout the decades. I also would be interested in a larger team/staff to really get Special-Attack ( back on the internet radar. If you are interested you can e-mail me or pm me.
  2. Dreamtale - Fools Gold Dragonland - Forever Walking Alone
  3. More information please visit my RacketBoy Thread - http://www.racketboy...php?f=22&t=1172
  4. I regret selling a BUNCH of games when I was younger, but luckily I managed to hold on to a few gems though-out the years. I was browsing Ebay and notice how some titles price skyrocketed. So - what games/accessories/consoles, that you currently own, are highly valuable today? For me: Tales of Destiny - PS Team Buddies - PS Dragonball GT - PS Cubivore - GC Gotcha Force - GC Ultimate Muscle - GC Pikmin 2 - GC Gitaroo Man - PS2 Talk Man - PSP Tech Romancer - DC Cannon Spike - DC Contra 3 - SNES (boxed like new) Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt - NES (loose) Lunar - GBA (boxed like new)
  5. Selling my SNES with 40+ games (about 13 years ago) Selling Street Fighter 3rd Strike for Dreamcast (years ago) Not keeping my NES in good condition
  6. Why are PC Engine Hu-Cards so expensive overseas? I've read that in Japan you can pick up a used PCE for under $40. If the PCE sold very well in Japan, shouldn't the hu-cards be more affordable? Can anybody confirm this?
  7. 1. Trap Runner 2. Elevator Action Returns 3. Burning Rangers 4. Destrega 5. Pulseman 6. King of Monsters 7. Tempo 8. Jumping Flash 9. Cyberbots 10. Unholy War
  8. Sharp X68000 Overlooked console with supreme (at the time) Jpn-arcade ports. Also had a title Prostitute Maker
  9. Hands-down The Combatribes (not listed)
  10. No but it looks spectacular, a cross between Legos and Spy Vs Spy. Silhouette Mirage (Saturn)
  11. Focus! and stay away from modern online-games
  12. bawitback


    So, it takes place in mostly one area and its main selling point is that it's released in "3D"? hmm, no thanks i'll stick to the original
  13. I really enjoyed the Katamari Damacy soundtrack. I usually listen to Overclocked Remixes - at the moment i'm listening to Maverick Rising collection of Rock Man X remixes from X1-X8.
  14. 1. Super Mario Land 2. Catrap / Pitman 3. Kirby's Dream Land 4. Donkey Kong 5. Mega Man 2 / Rock Man 2 6. Tetris 7. Pac-man 8. Pocket Monsters 9. Dexterity / Funny Field 10. Mr. Do! you can include Game Boy Color and/or Game Boy Advance titles too. .
  15. Atari VCS (1977) The most successful game machine of the 70s and early 80s kicked off the triumpthant era of progammable cartage consoles. Apple II (1977) Sinclair Spectrum (1982) England's most successful home computer. Sega SG-1000 & Master System (1983 / 1987) Nintendo Famicom (1983)
  16. Nintendo Gameboy Pocket Nintendo Gameboy Micro Nintendo DS Lite
  17. How can I enter the chatroom??

  18. Nintendo Entertainment System was my first.
  19. absolutely - bawitback into mostly alternative, dark wave, video game music. i'm surprised you can use the image chart still - I remember when once had a generator where you can create your own.
  20. Gunstar Heroes Sonic The Hedgehog II Dynamite Headdy Alien Soldier Rocket Knight Adventures Pulseman Ys III Chiki Chiki Boys Wonder Boy in Monster World Rinstar honorable mention: McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure Ranger X Streets of Rage
  21. Rockman II Mario Brothers Power Blade Kirby Bomberman Gradius Super Mario Brothers III Adventure Island Wai Wai World Adventures of Lolo Honorable mentions: Ghosts 'n' Goblins Lode Runner Devil World
  22. Rockman II Dig Dug Blaster Master Super Mario Brothers III Gunstar Heroes
  23. The Encyclopedia of Game Machines (Encyclopedia of Game Machines: Consoles, Handhelds & Home Computers 1972-2005) here is my review on it