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  1. RT @roselii49: @Proton_Jon have a meme for aladdin

  2. RT @AshPaulsen: Nintendo's added the Onett Times, an "#EarthBound-related announcement community," to Miiverse. This can't mean IT is final…

  3. RT @TSGBritt: I like video games, a lot.

  4. RT @ToonamiNews: The next @SwimToonami Tumblr Q&A will be this Wednesday from 10am-noon, save the date. Some questions will be answered by …

  5. RT @hassanahmed120: They should give something special to Club Nintendo members that have been Platinum since the beginning. You listening,…

  6. RT @Tsukento: Capcom. Why? Why do you keep bringing back Mega Man Legends stuff if you won't get back to working on …

  7. This ending music sounds good #SwordArtOnline

  8. Damn this ending song kicks ass #Bleach

  9. RT @xfisjmg1: I can't read YouTube comments for longer than 4 minutes before wanting to violently shake commenters and scream, "GOOGLE. GOO…

  10. RT @TyWorth: .@ZeroFlame16 Legit depressing! Hope the internet+gaming "journalists" are happy. They screwed a person and a potentially grea…

  11. RT @Dragonpiece: New Video is releasing Zatch Bell on DVD! Sweet!

  12. Watching @BlackNerd 's Latest Video has made me think of something...ITS THE 15th Anniversary of Power Rangers in Space....BEST SEASON EVAR!

  13. RT @hassanahmed120: Super Mega Special #FF to @RangerCrew! This guy does SO much for the fandom. Nice guy, awesome site, great source for n…