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  1. 2x PS3 - Slim with 720gb 7200RPM Drives 2x Xbox 360 - Slim - Black with Kinect - iextreme 3.0 crappy 250gb version since MS won't let you upgrade drives. Any jtag people out there? 1x PSP 2000 - Piano Black CFW 1x PS Vita - Won from Taco Bell - Mortal Kombat, MGS HD, Uncharted, Unit 13, Resistance <- only games worth having -> Mod Nation Racers and some other crappy game. 1x Nintendo Wii - Softmod with NES/SNES Emulators
  2. So, thanks first of all to this awesome site. I have spent so much time going through the old Ads from Nintendo, Sega and all the other great retro systems, it brings back so many fantastic memories. My question to mods or admin is, I have a few hosts that offer unlimited upload/download and traffic and I would love to mirror some files if available. I have software in place to limit download speed so leeching isn't a problem and if needed I can password protect files so that only members of this forum can obtain the information. If any mods are looking let me know, I also have supa-fast upload so I don't mind posting my finds to newsgroups as well. Thanks again for this great site, I'll be donating soon! G-man