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  1. I didn't count but I visited the arcade every Wednesday after school. Time Crisis became a ritual for me. I loved light gun games and played Virtua Cop, Point Blank, House of the Dead but the Time Crisis series was my favorite. Time Crisis 1 was the hardest because you got a game over when you ran out of time. The sequels only made you lose a life.
  2. It's become something of a tradition for me to replay the FF series every few years. It's getting harder though since the game the series is growing larger.
  3. The Time Crisis series has always been my favorite at the arcades. I can't do it anymore but I used to be able to finish them on 1 credit.
  4. Why are they doing this now? The red cross is everywhere in videogames. I guess that's why they dropped health packs for regenerating health.
  5. In my country there were these stores that rented out consoles. You'd go to the store, pick a game to play for about a dollar an hour. My dad would take me to this store as a reward for taking a haircut (I was four at the time). It was only a few months later when my cousin passed her NES on to me since she had already gotten an SNES.
  6. Got a Luna Edition PS4 for my wife.
  7. I guess that makes me the first poster in this thread to own a Vita? I have a 3DS too and my play time basically seesaws between the two. Right now, I'm playing Theatrhythm so that's been getting all of my game time. Anyway, it's an awesome piece of hardware. It really needs a better game lineup because it has a lot of potential. I currently have two games, Disgaea 3 and Gravity Rush. I just got the platinum trophy for Gravity Rush, and Disgaea 3 has so much replay value that I don't even need to buy another game for a while. I plan to get Project Diva f once it releases and also Persona 4 Golden. Those games should be enough to last me until 2013.
  8. I think the poll needs to be updated to include the 3DS and PSP... Anyway, if DS and PSP are still considered current gen... DS Lite PS3 PSP 2000 PSP 3000 (yup, I have two) 3DS PS Vita I didn't get an Xbox360 / Wii for budget reasons. I can't afford more than one console, and I really don't have as much time to play games at home. Most of my game time right now is during breaks at work and on commutes home. One console is enough for me, and I decided the PS3 would be it.
  9. Read about your site in a 1up.com article, so here I am